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Forget what you know about the automobile

With its world-class acceleration, handling, and design, the Roadster ranks amongst the world's most coveted sports cars. Its engineering has no equal.

The Drivetrain, Reinvented

Roadstern drivs av en 3-fas växelströms induktionsmotor. Motorn är liten men stark och väger bara strax över 52 kg. 375 V ger upp till 900 Ampere ström till motorn för att skapa magnetiska fält. Den levererar som mest 288 hästkrafter och 295 lbs-ft vridmoment när föraren ger order. Vid topphastighet roterar motorn med 14 000 rotationer per minut.

The motor is directly coupled to a single speed gearbox, above the rear axle. The simplicity of a single gear ratio reduces weight and eliminates the need for complicated shifting and clutch work. The elegant motor does not need a complicated reverse gear - the motor simply spins in the opposite direction.

The unique design maximizes both range and acceleration.  Learn More About the Motor

The Industry's best Battery

Battery Pack

The battery pack in the Tesla Roadster is the result of innovative systems engineering and 20 years of advances in Lithium-ion battery technology. The ingenious pack architecture enables world-class acceleration, safety, range, and reliability.

The pack contains 6,831 lithium ion cells and is the most energy dense pack in the industry, storing 56 kWh of energy.

Roadsters are engineered to charge from nearly any 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. Most Roadster owners find they rarely use a complete charge, and charging each night means their car is ready to drive 245 miles each morning. Learn More About the Battery


LaddkontaktThe Roadster battery charger is located on-board the car. This means the Roadster can be plugged into any outlet, anywhere in the world - plug in a cell phone, plug in a Roadster. Charge times vary based on the outlet voltage and Amperage. With the Tesla High Power Wall Connector, a Roadster charges in as little as 4 hours from empty, yet most Roadster owners simply “top off” after each trip and start each day with a full charge.


Power Control

The Power Electronics Module functions as a bridge between the charge port, battery, and motor.  It manages and converts current during driving and charging.  As Alternating Current flows into the car from the wall, the Power Electronics Module converts it to Direct Current for storage in the battery. When driving, the Power Electronics Module converts DC back to AC that the motor uses to generate torque. Every electron ever used in a Roadster, from the motor drive to the dome light, flows through the Power Electronics Module. At many operating points, it is 97-98% efficient: less than 2% of converted energy is lost. Learn More About Power Control

Regenerative Braking

The regenerative braking system, completely independent of the brake pedal and brakes, is controlled by the Power Electronics Module. The drive experience is similar to engine braking or downshifting in a gas-powered car. The electric drivetrain instantaneously switches from “drive mode” (forward torque) to “generating mode” (reverse torque) based on the throttle position. When the Roadster was first in development, test drivers worked with the firmware team to fine tune the amount of regenerative braking to optimize both vehicle stability and range. Much higher regenerative torque levels are possible, but could result in loss of traction and a less manageable sports car. Alternatively, less regenerative braking returns less energy back to the battery during stop and go driving, resulting in decreased driving range and overall efficiency.

A Silicon Valley Approach

The Roadster is controlled by state-of-the-art vehicle software. Rooted in Silicon Valley tradition, the code is developed in-house with an intense focus on agile and constant innovation. The system monitors the status of components throughout the car, shares information to coordinate action, and reacts to changing external conditions.  Learn More About Firmware


Carbon Fiber Body

KolfiberThe advantageous strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber means using about 30% less material (by mass) than steel to build a light, strong, and safe body. While some other premium sports cars flaunt carbon fiber body panels, none can be purchased for the price of a Roadster.