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Cup Holders on Model S Prototype

Last night I sat in the Signature Prototye Model S on display at the Denver store. The arm rests for the driver and front-seat passenger slide back to reveal the cup holders. Ergonomically, this is an awful design, as you have awkwardly reach back with your arm, similar to trying to reach the side pocket of your pants, to access the cup holder. The rest of the car was great, but hated the cup holders and I will have to find a retrofit that works more ergonomically.

I was in the Santana Row store today with a very helpful rep. He made it clear that the center console was still under revisions -- there are, for example, no cupholders for rear-seat occupants, which clearly needs fixing.

Along those lines, part of the center console (facing the rear-seat passengers) will include in the Tech Package a pair of USB ports. These ports, though, will be power only and not addressable from the front console. All USB ports will have enough power to charge anything up to and including iPads.

I still find it very comical that there are discussions about cupholders. It's like watching someone telling how beautiful and perfect wife he has, but considering a divorce because she has pimple in her ankle.

In America, perhaps the comparison is that we would stop dating the beautiful lady when we discovered she had a STD.

Every morning, three of us head out to my car, clutching our travel mugs of freshly brewed coffee. Not giving that up any time soon.

Hear hear RB! If cup holders aren't in the American constitution, then we need an amendment! Unlike the Germans, who can't seem to figure out where the cup holders belong, Tesla is an American car company, so they're gonna get it right dagnabit!

Perhaps because I'm first generation - too close to European - I don't get this thing about cup holders, either. I use them mostly for holding change and other paraphernalia. On rare instances I actually put a cup of some liquid in them, though I never really trust them not to allow spillage; someone may stop short in front of me. Holders for sunglasses, pens, etc. would be more useful for me.

I wonder if this admission means I've just lost my right to vote.

Hear hear EDG . My point exactly. VERY occasionally, on a REALLY hot day, I might put a soft drink bottle in there IF I am driving long distance. Otherwise the shape of the recess is really not particularly useful for things like sunglasses or pens or loose change. On the other hand, I DO use the moulded bottle holder in my B
Class Merc doors for a nice red when going to a BYO restaurant. I am in Australia.

you guys just can't appreciate the finer points of the art of the cupholder. As someone who used to commute 2 hours+ a day, I can tell you that the Germans don't believe anyone should have a drink in the car, the Japanese figure everyone has a drink but the nearest holder may be behind you, and the Americans think that one should be used for a drink and the other for your phone, sunglasses, or other absolutely necessary car baggage.

But the truth is that a good armrest and a well placed cupholder are highly valued for longer distance travel and something that is easy to get wrong. In my view, why should you have to compromise on such an expensive car?

My current center console in my Volkswagen (german car) carries cans/bottles of refreshment on longer trips along with the iPhone plugged in for tunes, the change purse for w/e, my rechargeable shaver and my right arm. I don't even think about leaning on that armrest anymore, I just do it.

But I'd still miss that storage.

And the ability to lean my right leg against the console is relaxing too. It just becomes assumed that the stuff is there.

And, @Timo's pimple comment -- no, no, we're not complaining about the floormats (or lack thereof)... yet.

And if it reaches 2 cm diameter, it may not just be a pimple ...


Can't comment on the cup holders. Haven't had a chance yet to sit in a model S. Am however a bit disappointed in the column shifter. Was really hoping to have nifty buttons to switch gears. Alas, I was informed it was not to be, shifter it is. :0(

If we get upholders in the back at the expense of the wide open floor space and 'bench', I hope they make European only version without all that. That back bench and open floorboard is so unique and spacious.

Back cupholders are usually part of the center console.

The 'shifter' as I understand it is two buttons: forward and backward. That's already been confirmed changing -- the current steering column is MB while the shipping one is supposed to be all Tesla.

Did I read somewhere that on Febr 9 they will also 'disclose' the final 'S' (as well as the X) ?

vouteb, I don't know about you, but I didn't. I think there was some speculation on these forums that this might be the case, but it certainly is not certain...

ok, thanks

Every morning we stop at Starbucks on the way to work, grab two Venti drinks, drink a little, then go out to the Roadster and STUFF THEM IN THE TRUNK. I'm not even kidding about that.

Usable cupholders will be greatly appreciated.

It's so obvious. Why was I blind to this before?

We have the conspiracy between big oil and Detroit.
Now we have big coffee (note: also imported) and Detroit.

The only reason for all the cupholders is to further the addiction to foreign coffee. Detroit sells more cars while big coffee sells more coffee. Why else would burnt and oversweetened coffee be so popular, if not for the addicts? Keep this up and Coca-Cola will be putting cocaine back in their product (taken out about 110 years ago).

Tesla was trying to wean Roadster owners from their coffee addiction, but even in these forums we have complaints from those who have tried to remove themselves from the Oil Conglomerate, trying to further their coffee fix.

Conspiracies are everywhere. We must be vigilant.


The solution is to drive an EV with no upholders; the driver simply naps in the vehicle while recharging. It's better for the environment and better for the body.

In Quebec it is illegal to use a cellphone in the car while driving. I believe it is also illegal to eat or drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)while driving. Do we really need cupholders?

Only if they are good cup holders. Look to BMW for really poor ones. They are big enough to hold a Dixie cup.

It shouldn't be very difficult for Tesla to add a couple of cupholders.

Of course, in my case this is all academic. I don't intend to let anyone in my Model S with a beverage that can spill!! ;-)


I am with you Larry Chanin. My Tesla is a car, not a restaurant.

Yes, there are laws against distracted driving. I really doubt a police officer is going to pull you over for taking a sip while driving in a straight line. And I doubt many people drink while making a left turn. You don't need to take your eyes off the road to do it, which is what the real problem is with cell phones (especially texting).

In Quebec everything is possible. I've seen lovely young things putting on make-up while driving. I've seen handsome young studs combing their hair while driving. These people also change lanes randomly without giving other drivers notice. Douglas3 is correct, the police do not seem interested in pulling these people over.

s.k.: just wait until you visit Fremont for the next factory event and see me electric shave while driving and keeping my eyes on the road! :-) (I figure this frees-up countless hours over my lifetime to do something a lot less boring!)

One of the reasons I need a center console is for my rechargeable shaver. And change purse for all that change that used to go into the ashtray -- good when heading thru the drive-thru.

Could put in glovebox, I suppose. But that's where registration and tissues and proof of insurance goes. Gloves would actually go in center console but no need with a car that heats itself up on demand and a little forethought.

Yes, the cupholders are useful for keeping change. Hopefully nobody will break into your car to steal the change. I never leave the registration and insurance in the car. If someone steals your car, they should not also have the insurance and registration. I may be sounding paranoid, but common-sense precautions can go a long way.


Sure, I've seen women putting on makeup, and a guy shaving, but by far the worst I've ever seen is a guy blatantly reading a newspaper.

This guy had the newspaper folded out covering the windshield. He was stuck in traffic and was just rolling forward very slowly keeping about four car lengths behind the guy in front. He would peek over the top of the paper periodically to make sure he wasn't closing on him. He had this procedure all worked out so I'm sure he did it all the time.

Texting is just as bad. You get your nose in there and you don't even think to look up.

In comparison, taking a sip of your coffee doesn't require taking your eyes off the road. It doesn't require any concentration at all. As long as you're on the straight and level I really don't see a problem with it.

At the very least, even if I don't drink it, I'd like to be able to get my cup of coffee to work without having to wedge it between my computer bag and the edge of the trunk, which is what I do now in the Roadster.

The worst I've seen is a 20 something looking in the mirror and putting on mascara with one hand, while steering and talking on the phone( speaker I presume) with the other. Truly scary in all respects.