New specs available for the Model S

See the website....Model S

Wow, great find!

Finally, that's a pretty detailed answer to the third bullet of this thread:

I'm going to evaluate those now-published specs there.

Interestingly under the Interior section they list:

Center armrest with two cup holders
Open center console storage area

I guess those two features are open for interpretation, but it sounds awfully close to the Beta interiors that a lot of people have a problem with. Doesn't sound like they modified it much from the October event. Of course they could just be listing the features of the beta and keeping any modifications a secret for now.


"Horn. Beep. Beep."

Some more thoughtful reactions:

The list appears to cover most, if not all, of what we assumed. Included "high end" features that we didn't definitely know about earlier:

  • Rain sensing, adjustable speed windshield wipers
  • Manual folding side mirrors (not powered, as hoped)
  • Stability and traction control
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling and streaming music (good to see streaming music is supported)
  • Three spoke, multi-function steering wheel with tactile controls (seems to suggest that this is something other than the Model X steering wheel, with its nano screens)
  • Front LED map lights and rear LED reading lights
  • Front sun visors with LED illuminated mirrors
  • Fully trimmed frunk and rear cargo area with keyless open (keyless open! I wonder how this works)
  • Anti-theft alarm system

Things excluded that I'm happy aren't included:

  • Pedestrian alert noisemaker

"Standard features" missing that some have hoped for:

  • Front fog lights? LED foglights are part of the Tech Package, so I assumed that standard fog lights were part of the base
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Storage compartments in doors
  • Ambiance lighting
  • Rear cupholders (likely an oversight in the list)
  • 12-V power outlet in frunk and/or rear cargo area
  • Automatic tilt-down of passenger's side-view mirror while in Reverse

Also, no discussion yet of warranty, other than for the battery.

Rear hatch and frunk are probably cable (possibly electrically)operated by a lever inside the car.


Frunk and rear cargo area keyless open: Well, I assume it's like my car, where the fob has buttons for door locks/hatch and a separate release button for the top-half of the hatch (glass part swings up). My hatch, etc., are not powered, just like the standard Model S, where the hatch and glass don't open on their own, the buttons just unlock/release them.

Also, why are you glad that the side mirrors are not powered? How can you adjust the mirrors without them being powered? (perhaps I'm showing my age, here)

Fog lights: I assume that there are no fog lights standard, which is common for most vehicles, as far as I know.

Observations of my own: So, a standard-definition backup camera is standard? Another reason to ditch the tech package - I don't need high-def to see whether it is safe to back up (heaven forbid I turn around to look).

I'm grateful that the bluetooth hands-free calling feature is standard. I consider that a critical 21st-century safety feature, not a luxury.

It's also nice to see that the daytime running lights are LED (for efficiency reasons and cool factor).

Sorry, "not powered, as hoped" was shorthand for "contrary to our hopes, mirrors are not powered".

For the side mirrors, the "not powered" part is for folding them in/out. I'm hoping they do have power-adjustable capabilities (although not mentioned).

Also, why are you glad that the side mirrors are not powered? How can you adjust the mirrors without them being powered? (Tom A)

Two misunderstandings in one! :-)

- We hoped for powered side mirrors, but turns out the mirrors are not powered (still hoping powered mirrors will be offered as an option).

- "Powered" does not refer to adjusting the mirror. Of course they will be power-adjustable. Look at the Specs page: Powered vs. manual refers to "folding" (to reduce the risk of some other car hitting the mirror while your Model S is, e.g., parallel-parked in a narrow street).

Manual folding also suggests they will "give way" if bumped from the front.

@Robert.Boston, although there is mention of 12v power outlet but not the location.

In the features section the ranges have been revised to 160, 230 300 miles AT 60 MPH (from 55 mph).

It was noted previously in this forum or the TMC forum (I forget which) that the "60 mph" page(s) are incorrect (old/typo/whatever) and due for an update.

no blind spot notification - I was hoping for that.

"Open center console storage area'

(Heavy sigh)... At this point, looks like the 'diaper-bag' holder is staying :-(

Still hoping praying for an optional permanent user-friendly /safe center console, with lockable storage compartments. Here in California, anything in plain-sight is a burglary just waiting to happen.

Seems pretty cool, though if someone had a definitive rundown of the new information, I'm sure it would be appreciated.

On the lack of:
Heated side mirrors -- I hope this is just an omission and that they will be included with the tech package, which already includes auto-dimming mirrors.

Power-folding mirrors -- I'm glad the mirror-folding is not motorized. As someone mentioned, this is beneficial because if someone does bump into your side mirror, then they will fold in, and prevent some damage (at least from one direction). I suppose you could design power mirrors that could still take the force of a manual fold without damaging the motor inside, but still I think think this would be a costly feature without much use.

I used to park in a very large outdoor open parking lot, which meant people were often walking between the cars. Also, the spaces were kind of narrow. I noticed that a lot of people would fold their mirrors in. However, I also notice that this mirrors would most often have scrapes and scratches on them. That's because if someone did rub up against them, then all of the force went onto the surface of the side mirror housing. So I always kept my mirrors out and unfolded. My choice has been validated. Several times I returned to my car at the end of the day and noticed that one of the mirrors was folded in partially, which means someone bumped into it. However, there was no damage.

Model X steering wheel screen-buttons -- I wasn't expecting this to be availablefor the S, just hoping. I would be happily surprised if it was included with the tech package, but I'm not expecting it.

Storage spaces -- Yes, I too hope there is more storage space. I don't need much, just somewhere handy to keep a phone, and maybe some miscellanious items like napkins and pens, etc.


One thing I noticed was the interior touch-sensitive door handles. That sounds cool and will certainly be a nice little 'wow' feature for passenger. I'm guessing it means that when the car is stopped and unlocked, merely touching the door handle will sort of cause the door to pop open. No more pulling on a handle!


A couple other things I would like to see: I hope there are vents near the corners of the dash that will blow air against the front corners of the front side windows when the windsheild defogger is on.

The amount of memory storage seems small. Tesla is either being cheap, or they are using some very expensive flash memory or something. It says it comes with storage for up to 500 songs, standard. Using the very rough estimate that the average MP3 is about 5 MB, that means Tesla is only providing 2 or 3 GB of storage. The sound studio package is considerably better, with storage for up to 3,000 songs, but still that's only 15 GB. My estimate of 5 MB per song is on the low side, so it might be more reasonable to guess that they are offering 4 GB and 32 GB storage options, but still that's not that much. I'm not sure if 32 GB is enough for my music especially since there's no CD player. More than that though, I'm worried that the lack of space will limit potential app usage in the future. As I mentioned in the 'Most wanted apps' thread, I think it would be a lot of fun if you could skin both the visuals and sounds of the car, and who knows what other applications might be dreamt up either by Tesla or third parties in the future?

Lastly, I really want a two-pronged 110 V outlet in the car. I realize it's not a simple thing. They'll have to have an inverter somewhere and it will complicate things if they want to make such a feature available in multiple countries.

I see what the side mirror issue is now...thanks for the clarification!

I never heard of side mirrors that folded in a motorized fashion. Every vehicle I've ever driven had passive folding side mirrors, where they only folded under force in order to avoid breaking. I noticed that later models had a notch where, if you folded them all the way, they would stay folded, essentially parallel to the door.

Yes, motorized folding is not a feature I would expect or want to be standard.

olanmills - I noticed that the side mirrors weren't listed as heated. Heck, my $30k Mercury hybrid has heated mirrors standard. Oh, well. TM is a startup, after all.

If I dare continue down that road, however, I'm a bit miffed that the LEAF has the front seats AND rear seats AND steering wheel heated - standard - and it's not bundled with a leather package. I know that Tesla cannot bank on a diverse portfolio of vehicles and economies of scale that, say, Nissan can rely on, but that's low-hanging fruit in terms of efficiency (*ahem* range). It's modestly disappointing that such efficiency features are not standard. Oh, well. A bit nit-picky, perhaps, but it is a $60k+ vehicle, after all, where the technology needs every efficiency gain it can get.

Even if I would have to pay extra, I would appreciate the option of having the seats heated without having to suffer leather. I hate leather - doesn't breathe - I sweat down my back and legs every time, no matter time of year, or whether I'm in a car or in a home/office with leather upholstery. It baffles me that people pay extra for leather. I go out of my way to avoid it.

Now, perforated leather seats...they are really nice - my friend's 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS (retailed for a hair under $30k) has perf. leather heated seats. Very, very comfortable!! I'd pay for an option like that without blinking! So far, that only seems available on the Performance variants.

They should have an (opt-in) tracking option that allows Tesla to identify how often heated seats really matter (read: due to pre-emptive climate control for cabin comfort) so they can omit it entirely from Bluestar and back it up with statistics.

brian, even if the temparature inside of the car isn't too cold (it's been inside an underground parking garage, for example), if you yourself have been outside in freezing weather for a good amount of time, the heated seats are still a nice comfort!

Also, there are still going to be those times where you forget or other wise don't want to use remote heating.

... or cannot use engage heating remotely b/c said underground garage is a dead spot.

Note that I didn't suggest removing it as an option from the S (or Bluestar for that matter).

What I'm suggesting is that Tesla include instrumentation in the S (premium vehicle, high price tag) to help inform themselves and customers with real data as to what value such features actually have (or don't).

Similarly, for opted-in vehicles, statistics on real-world battery consumption and life from Model S can really help educate Tesla and the entire EV industry (both being within Elon's stated priorities).

I think the specs are looking fine to me, but why do we need a map light in the front?

We've got Google maps on a17 inch screen!

@Froq: to give us enough light to rummage through the giant bag stashed on the floor between the front seats.

@RB Not me! I am buying the optional center console, which I'm sure to come.

I'm looking forward to the pictures of the interior of the Sig Performace.

Motorized folding mirrors are nothing new. My 2005 VW Touran has them. My 2012 Nissan Leaf has them as a standard item. It's a very nice feature to have if you park in tight spots in parking garages, especially on a large & wide vehicle.

They all fold manually too, if hit by something.

The side (and maybe center) mirrors must be electrically adjusted, as they state that the keyless entry with memory function adjusts seat, steering wheel and mirrors for you.

@Froq: Not me either. If the optional center console is offered, I'm getting it, assuming it's well conceived. If not, I'm going to have a custom center console fabricated. Money welll-spent, IMO.

Good news is those are specs of a base model only, without options listed. If you read closely, they only list a 40kwh battery, microfiber interior, and piano black trim.
For those of us eagerly anticipating a center console, I'm sure that will be an option, not standard. As Elon has said in earnings calls, the options are what make the company money, and is a partial (although I'm sure a "big" partial) reason why first cars off the line are fully loaded. Need bigger margins when volume is low, makes those earnings calls less brutal, which makes our stock price happier.

I was sort of hoping that we would get some basic (one or two button) homelink in the base package. That is the one option in the tech package that I would really like to have, but paying $3,750 just to add homelink would be ridiculous for me. I guess I will just have to dig out the old garage remotes and place them in the center console... not wait... the glove box.

A know that it is a really small issue, but that is probably why it frustrates me so much.

Duct tape is your friend;)

Manual folding side mirrors

jkirkebo is right, you can have electrically folding mirrors(for parking, not adjusting) and folding manually(when bumped).

This should be standard in this car class.