Model S and Roadster charging

There is a 70A, 208V Tesla charger at Burgerville USA in Centralia. Since it has been there for a couple of years I suppose it was for use by Roadsters. Will I be able to charge my model S there? Any special type of connector that doesn't come with the S?

There is an adapter to connect a Model S to a Roadster HPC. Don't know what the cost is. Apparently it is available now.

Didn't know about the Burgerville charger. One of my favorite places to stop! Now absolutely no range anxiety about heading home to Salem from Woodinville! Woohooo!

Burgerville? I always stop there for a double cheeseburger and a jar of their special sauce (when available) when passing through.

I am surprised that I haven't noticed it!

I'm psyched!

The gal in the Bellevue store told me the other day that the Supercharger shown in the 2-year plan will be located in Centralia. I was very glad to hear that, as that is our usual pit-stop for the Kirkland to Vancouver trip to the grandparents'. She said it should be in "by the end of 2013". All this is unofficial, of course.

Fabulous news!

Now I am wondering about the Supercharger that will be between Seattle and Vancouver BC.

I was thinking that a good spot would on I-5 near the turnoff SR 20. At that location you have Anacortes and the San Juan/Victoria Ferry to the West and the North Cascades Highway and Mt Baker to the East.

How about the Cascade Outlet Mall in Burlington? This is just south of the Hwt 20 exit and there is already an EV charging station there. Maybe Tesla should partner with Costco.

Costco parking lots give me anxiety attacks.

The carts...the parking stalkers...the aisle blockers...
Oh, the humanity!

On the other hand, the Model S could hold multiple bales of TP.
Nah, I'd rather pay more for TP and have easy, quick access.

I take delivery tomorrow and leave the Seattle area on Jan 1 or 2 and drive it to Phoenix. Does anyone have a Model S-roadster charger adaptor I could rent or borrow? I will mail/UPS it back overnight delivery on Friday, Jan 4. That should get me to the supercharger network and get it back to you on Saturday. I am more than willing to cover any costs.


Thanks to anyone who can help.

@cerjor | DECEMBER 26, 2012: I take delivery tomorrow and leave the Seattle area on Jan 1 or 2 and drive it to Phoenix.

I'm suppose to get my Model S sometime first or second week in January. I was planning on driving from WA to Tucson. But I was thinking on taking delivery in Vancouver, WA to minimize my driving time. Hopefully you can post how your trip goes because I may be following in your footsteps.

Alex and the rest: Couldn't find an adaptor. But that's OK. I have decided to have the car trucked to AZ. Snow and other considerations helped me make the decision. I hope to drive back in May when it's warmer.


How expensive is the trucking going to be?

Red Carpet Transport. $728. Range of bids was $600-900. Average $700. Will let everyone know my experience.

I read somewhere the adapter is expensive, like $600. Maybe to discourage use so they can phase out HPC in favor of superchargers?

David 70

Shipped my S from Seattle to Palm Springs (Dec. 29 arrived 1/7) rather than drive it down (will drive it back in May). Checked with a number of haulers and found the experience less than professional and shipping information mixed. Prices ranged from high 500's to 1600. Decided to ship via Plycar, one of Tesla's preferred shipper using closed transport, single level, $1200. Why, open shippers are dirty, two tiered (better know how to use the "Jack" setting), reportedly unreliable with detailing required upon arrival. Plycar states it knows how to operate your car, has employed tested drivers (not independent drivers that are the norm in auto hauling)and enclosed vans. Pricey, yes, safer most likely.

My S was picked up Friday afternoon in Redmond and delivered to me in Sun Lakes AZ Monday evening. It traveled on an open carrier on the top rack. It was dirty but washed up nicely. No new scratches or rock pits. Final cost $755. I used I-5 Auto Transport. I will probably use them again.


Are you in the Palm Springs area until May? I'm in Desert Hot Springs until April. What color an interior colors did you pick? I'm especially interested in seeing the metallic paint jobs.

Contact me via email at if you want to get together.


Need to configure in the next few days, and am struggling with just one option - Supercharging. Tesla striking out on it's own, here, makes me a bit nervous about their ability to execute. I am not an engineer, but it seems that eventually when other power providers make 440 charging more common, there will be some retrofit to Tesla's "Supercharging" at the interface between car and charger. If thats the case, i would add Supercharging with the hopes that I will be able to take advantage of it, whether through Tesla/Solar City or someone else. Any more educated opinions out there?

@Peter J | JANUARY 12, 2013: Need to configure in the next few days, and am struggling with just one option - Supercharging. [...]Any more educated opinions out there?

I'm not sure I have a more educated position. But since there is talk that Telsa will provide CHAdeMO charge adapters for cars in Japan, if we get a CHAdeMO adapter in the US, then having Supercharger hardware will be a necessity, since the charging is DC.

Like with any technology, I'd get the best you can afford now. You'll never regret having the extra capability down the road.