Center display frozen - reset options?

After 4 days of usage, my center display is frozen and I can't figure out a way to reset it. I already found the hint about pressing both of the top buttons on the steering wheel but that resets the main display / instrument cluster, not the center display.

Any ideas?

Press the two scroll buttons down or the two bottom buttons perhaps. I heard something like that before.

If you push and hold the top two buttons for about 10-15 seconds, it reboots the instrument display. Pushing and holding the two middle buttons reboots the center display. I've heard that pushing the bottom two buttons snapshots what's on the display so you can show your screens to Tesla in case of problems.

Ugh. what's the OS? what's the back up plan when driving?

Center console is independent of essential driving functions. No worries.

What happens to your 24/7 support?

In the meantime, you can easily reset the 2 visual displays even while driving. See step by step instructions.

Rod and Barbara | SEPTEMBER 19, 2012
New Topic – Reset Displays.


The Driving video in this link shows a display reset while driving. No muss, no fuss.

Did that already, no problem whatsoever.
BT seems to stop connecting randomly.
Had it happen twice, couldn't figure out why it does that out of the blue.
Rebooting the phone seems to do the trick, while rebooting the console did nothing.

BT is IR (infra-red), so it can be blocked like any light signal (reflections help, but are not surefire).

Bluetooth is not infra-red but uses radio frequencies

Right. Don't know what standard I got confused with it.

Uses frequency-hopping; maybe that's what causes occasional drops?