Aftermarket window tinting in the Seattle area

There's been talk recently in the forums about the trunk getting hot when hit by direct sunlight, and the car's climate control being relatively ineffective back there because there aren't any vents (e.g.

This hasn't yet been a problem for us in Seattle, but given that I can't convince my younger daughter to sit anywhere else in the car except in the rear-facing seats, I thought I'd be proactive and look into window tinting now. Can someone recommend a place that does good work, and installs a high-quality product (i.e. not the stuff that I see blistering/peeling off older cars).

I've never gotten aftermarket tinting, so I'm ignorant of the options, and approximate cost.

I think both Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue and Auto Armor NW in Lynnwood do it. Both have good reputations. I have not had it done myself.

I was at auto armor in Lynwood this morning getting the rear (hatch) window done with 3M crystal film in preparation for the time in the hopefully near future when my rear facing seats arrive (are you listening Tesla Service Center Seattle?) and was surprised to see the twin to my car in the shop! These Model S's are really multiplying....

They did a great job, on the window and also did paint protection on the door edges and. On the little triangle of front fender that the factory kit didn't include. The other Tesla was getting full front paint protection, which I suspect I will be back for once the factory kit turns yellow.

Andre was super easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Auto Armor is the paint protection side; skyline tint shop is the window tint side of the business. Same shop, same people, same address.

Oliver, I was there getting them to fix a part of the door edge wrap that had come off. My car is pearl white, but I didn't see any other MSs.

I agree the company is good to work with. I dealt with Ryan mostly.

Has anyone used ACCUTINT in SODO? I stopped in there today to check prices, etc. They do a lot of work for the MB and BMW dealers that are down the street. They offer the X-PEL front wrap (everything forward of and including the mirrors) for $1400, and a "ceramic" window tint (their best, everything except the windshield) for about $430.

This front wrap price is a lot less than the $2100+ price at Metropolitan in Bellevue. They offer the same 10 year warranty, and they've been in business a long time.

As a side note, their hand wash service is $20 vs 35 at Metro. And the hand wax service is also a lot cheaper.

I understand price isn't everything, but has anyone had experience with these folks? Any comments would be welcome.

I'm expecting my car in early June so I have a little time to shop and make plans.

Also leaning towards trying out Accutint for window tint...don't want too dark (don't like the look, especially on my grey S) but the plain windows need a little shading.

Tesla in WA actually uses Metropolitan Detail to install pain armor. I got my car w/o armor and phone # to schedule app with Metro Detail. I might as well do tinting then.

I believe I did my former BMW tinted @Accutint and it was a very good job