Have the door handles pinched anyone's fingers?

I've gone on two test drives. Each time I was a little nervous to put my hand inside the door handle for fear that they would retract on my fingers. Has that happened to anyone yet? Is there a safety mechanism built in so they don't pinch too hard should that ever happen?

Yes I have personally had the handle retract on my fingers. There is nothing to worry about.

You will not loose any appendages. The handles retract on a spring based mechanism and apply tension, but do not pose any real threat of injury.

Never. 4 months of enchanted ownership, driven daily.

I would imagine they would have the same mechanism as the windows would have - haven't heard anyone losing any digits on any of the threads - you would have heard about it by now. Try it out and let us know!

I did have it start to close when I had my hand in it, and I pulled my hand out before it closed. My mom wasn't so fast, and she said it wasn't comfortable but didn't particularly hurt.

jat, "wasn't comfortable" is even an extreme way to describe it. Your brain screams, "hey those are going to get chopped off!" so that part is uncomfortable. The actual physical pressure applied is less than a firm hand shake.

One of the first things I did was leave my hand in the door to make sure it wasn't painful in any way.

Hasnt happened to me or anyone with me. But it did make me nervous the first few times. Since I have auto-present on and I am generally opening the door right when I walk up to it.
@sudre and @jat good to know that it isn't harmful, even if uncomfortable.

Worst case scenario, you can only count to eight :)


They won't be able to tell us if they can't type due to digital loss.

The active part of the mechanism is when they push out. When that mechanism (slowly) releases there are what feels like springs that pull them in. They pull very softly and you can pull them out and forth if you leave your hand there. It seems scary at first, then it's fun. I would just watch for kids hanging on them.

My car has tried to catch me twice, but since I am a dentist, I am prepared for that sort of thing and I beat it to the draw.

I've never had a problem with it. Its never tried to pinch me in 5 months of having the car.

Twice, once just yesterday. Mechanism should work better once all your fingers are the same length.

I was washing the car (loitering around the handles). It closed just as I grabbed the handle. Yes it pinches and yes it hurts. Normal time to retraction while entering has been fine, but my advice is don't get lost in conversation around the handles and like mdennick above says, I'd watch for kids hands.

My kids were always worried about it, so I showed them that it doesn't hurt. Now it's their favorite game to leave their hands inside the door handles while I walk away and the doors lock!

It's not handicapped, it's handicapable!

@ Robert22 : lol.. about being able to count only to 8..

it's retracted on me a few times and it wouldn't hurt a baby's fingers. really a non-issue.

When I first got it, I wondered about it but never tried out the possibility of amputation of fingers. However, as soon as I showed my car to others, that's the first thing they tested with their own fingers and of course, the door handles are gentle creatures that can't harm a soul.

I tried this on purpose one time, and there is zero chance of any kind of injury for people of any age. You can easily pull the handle out if it retracts on your hand (which it won't unless you actually try to do this).

Next time you have an audience, let the handles grab you and shriek loudly. Then pull loose, grin and say, "Just kidding!" Repeat every time you have a new audience. Endless performance art fun!

They are supposed to sense if a hand is there and pop back out, like windows would do. This was demonstrated to me twic during my test drive and worked very well. No pinch. Wonder if a software update messed this up?

Sorry, "twice"...

Hapnd ti me. Srri hrd ti typ wif 2 fingr.

The handles are not actually directly connected to the plunger to pull the door in electrically. There is a small spring that keeps the handle pulled in and when you touch the handle to open it a plunger pushes the handle out. When the handles retract the plunger actually retracts but it is not hard connected to the door so it is the small spring that actually pulls the handle in. Thus you cannot hurt your fingers as there is only a limited amount of measured pull on the spring.

Brian H - thank you for the laugh!!

...and now I will have something fun to do :)

lol +1 Mike

Capt. Hook

I have also had the door handles close (lock) when I have been holding the handle. You can keep the handle extended w/ very little pressure but the door locks anyway. But it in no way was uncomfortable for me.

I have only been pinched once and that was when my hand was in the well while the door handles were opening(on the way out), otherwise, never while they were retracting back into the handle wells.

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