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Model S Smartphone App

What would you like the App to control? I'd like it to have the ability to:

1) Cool the car before I get in
2) Open the chargeport
3) Locate the car in the airport garage
4) Tell me if someone is in the car (if possible)


The fob should do #2.

The fob does not do #2, though.

Correct, but it should. (that was my point)

It would be nice to be able to lock and unlock doors. Obviously, some type of password protected access would be necessary though.

You might want to add this to Rod and Barbara's thread on software changes.


Take a guess at the state I live in , # 1 I understood was one of the coolest things that were ready day 1

Having the FOB open the charge port would be nice but I believe the tip of the charging cable is supposed to open the charge door automatically when it's moved within a few feet of the charge port door which is even more convenient to me than having to press a button on on the FOB

Since the phone app is something I will likely be showing off all the time I'd like some lifetime type stats on it. Like $ saved (input local gas price and electricity price and it figures out my savings with my miles driven), days without gas counter, maybe even amount of electricity used this charge (for figuring out if plugging in somewhere that charges you money is worth it).

@dborne - There's a button on top of the connector that will open the port - I found that out on my last trip to a Tesla showroom. I had the impression it's automatic as you approach as you describe, but I'm not sure if that's true, too. In either case, a smartphone app feature or fob button seems redundant.

Not when you charge outside at a ChargePoint Station!!

Track where the car is
User defined Valet mode/Governor mode, including a decrease in acceleration
Environment. Heat/ sunroof/windows
Incoming text.
Drop pin remotely to navigator.

I'd like to be able to see charge level/range with the app.

You should be able to transfer an address into the app from say Apple Maps and then subsequently transfer that to the navigation system in the car wirelessly via the app.

Seems like a much more useful feature than seeing where the car is on a map in the app. Maybe I'm just lazy but I find myself not using my current nav system because by the time I get into the car I've already entered my destination into my phone and just end up using my phone's nag app rather than taking the time to re-enter into the car's nav system.

This car is already connected to the internet so transferring your destination from your phone should be rather straight forward especially if they have a dedicated app that's already tied into the car.

Queue up a playlist.
Access backup cameras or other cameras (free spy/security system!)
Tell external temperature.
Telemetry on speed, etc. when kid borrows the car.
Ability to turn on defroster or heated windows.
If it had a tow hitch, it would be great to be able to make the car creep forward or back when loading a boat onto a trailer or whatever. But it doesn't, and it's probably just begging for liability lawsuits anyway.
Along the same lines, there's got to be some uses for having the car follow you around like a puppy when the phone's in your pocket. I can't think of any, but it sure would be cool.
Easy transfer of pictures from phone to car's screen.

Access many of the screens and controls available on the touch screen (e.g., open windows and roof, heat & cool the car, adjust the seats and steering wheel, etc.)

@BYT - I see what you mean (after seeing the video Cindy Holland posted).

I think having a button on the J1772 adapter, like the one on the mobile charging adapter, would be more convenient than getting your phone out, unlocking it, bringing up the app and hitting the right button in it, but having it in the app would be better than nothing in the meantime.

If they produce an SAE J1772/DC Combo plug adapter, that could be a feature to help justify the price.

Another possibility is making the fob clicks customizable. Double-clicking the hood unlocks the frunk; perhaps the car could be set to allow a single-click or press-and-hold to open the charge port.

Why can't TM embed the same RFID chip or whatever it is in the UMC into the J1722 adapter? That way the door would open automatically just the same.

Don't hold your breath for the DC converters. A whole new ball game vs. AC.

I'd also want to know the internal temp of the car.
Time to end of charge would be a requirement in any phone app.
The car should also text me that it's done charging so I can go out and disconnect so someone else can use the charger - currently, there's no outside indication that the Model S is done charging (i.e. if someone else needed to use the J-1772 charger cable). Currently, another driver can pull the J-1772 plug from your Model S, but may not because he doesn't know that charging is done. In Leafs, there is indication on the dash when charging is done so we all know that it's ok to pull the charger from an unattended Leaf.


Another driver cannot pull out your charging cable because it locks in place when the car is locked, so you need the fob to remove it.

Wait, nevermind. I guess someone could pull the J1772 out of your adapter that's locked in the charge port.

Yes, only a J-1772 can be pulled out, but the Model S retains (locks) the adapter to the car so no one can take it.


That brings me to my desired functionality. I would like the ability to unlock the connector remotley.

On superchargers, I'd like to have my cell contact information connected to my charging account. If someone else needs the charger, they can find out who's accessing the charger, and ring my phone.

When will a iOS or android app for the tesla be available to download?

George Blankenship had the new beta on his iPhone at the party Monday night, so it shouldn't be too much longer now.

These are all great ideas! Add to the list as you think of new ideas (Are you reading, George?)

1) Internal/external temperature of the car
2) 'Valet' mode
3) Charge status
4) Interface with Navigation system
5) Car status (location, speed, etc.)
6) External opening of Chargeport
7) Lifetime stats of energy used
8) Remote lock/unlock with password
9) Control of car's environment (heat/cool, defrost, etc)
10) Access to backup camera
11) Easy transfer of data (playlists, pictures, etc)

Not sure how it would interface with navigon. Trying to picture it...I usually use google maps on my phone to find an address then what would be the next step? I guess I could copy and paste the address into the tesla app to start nav in the car: that might work. I like that better than getting in and typing the address all over before I leave.

Some owners already have a basic version of the app and are testing it so it can't be long now. Would be kinda funny to see people downloading it that don't have a tesla so maybe there can be marketing videos and pics in it If you don't have one like the s bearing the m5 in a drag race ;)

Michael23: I like the idea of being able to cut (on the mobile device) and paste on the console screen. This can be used in either the nav app or the web app.

It might be nice if the Model S had an email address so that information could be transferred from the smartphone to the touch screen. Maybe this belongs in Rod & Barbara's software enhancement thread.

@kevin.hagenstad - great list to start. I personally think #9 and #1 should be combined and listed as the #1 priority.