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Invitation to Configure

For those of you keeping track, I got my email today.

Res# RN318184



This happened a little quicker than I thought.

What battery pack?

If you're a 60kWhr I may have to start crowdsourcing funding O.O

Ha. Yeah 60 and I'm in the same boat as you. I promised my wife a new apt first and that isn't easy in NYC.

I might have to differ but would hate to take the $2500 bump.

When you get the invitation to configure doesn't depend on what you want to configure (how could it, since you can change configuration freely until you finalize). Once you've committed to a configuration, then the estimated delivery date may depend on what you order.

You mean defer? I was trying to decipher who you were differing with and what your disagreement was.

Oops! typo: "decipher whom you were..."


Heh, I suppose that makes sense, I think the boat Stuart and I are in is if we need to "pony up the cash" much earlier than we had originally intended.

I think there was some suggestion that earlier they were sending out quick "Finalize" offers to those who had their designs saved as 85 kwh to get quicker turnaround of confirmations of the type the production line was set up for -- all part of the "push".

There was some people that suggested that, but all evidence showed that not to be true. Invitations to configure have gone out in strict numerical sequence.

I also got my invitation to configure yesterday, which was MUCH faster than I was expecting since I just placed my reservation in December (sequence #15,371). Coincidentally, I received the email on my birthday. Happy birthday to me! But now I feel rushed since I had planned on having all spring and some of the summer to decide what options I want and get my garage ready. I haven't even test driven it yet!

I am #14599 and I received my invitation 1/15. I am also surprised how early it came, especially since I was in the Denver Tesla store 1/5 and they suggested it would be around April!
I also have been on a waiting list for a test drive for months and I am reluctant to put the big money down without even driving it.
Lastly, my current lease is good until June.
I think anybody with a reservation placed last year should at least be able to test drive before facing a price increase....

#12848 and we've been told that we'll take delivery (in Seattle) Feb-March which is way before our initial July delivery guesstimate.

@susanv and @pbendo - We were so impatient to drive this thing that when we hadn't heard back from the store to schedule a test drive within two weeks, we called them and were cruising down (read: screaming at high speeds) within three days. Give your local store a call, tell them your situation and I'll be surprised if you're not pushing down that pedal by Monday night.

15394 invitation 1/17!

15617. I have not gotten my configure email yet, but I test drive on Monday, so maybe the email will come next week. I'll be configuring as soon as I can after that!

Looks like quite a few of us are in the same boat. I made my deposit end of December and was told i would be asked to configure in 3-6 mo and to expect delivery 6-9 mos I was asked on 1/15 to configure and was told I can expect delivery in Feb. 2 MONTHS from deposit not even close to what they said but its us who have to pay the extra 2500 and go to the back of the line because we planned our finances accordingly. I'm thinking of throwing in the towel and heading back to xxx dealership

Since you're sure you're going to configure, you don't need the test drive. Give it up to someone who isn't certain!
You will score points in heaven.

@ctroncale: Just curious. If they had told you the correct information to begin with, what would you have done? The actual decision would have been the same, you just would have been making it at the time you reserved.

btw, I don't believe you have to go to the back of the line. You can keep your reservation and your build order will be based on whenever you finalize. It's just that if you wait until after 4 weeks you will pay the extra money.

Not gonna happen Brian. I've been reading this forum since I signed on Dec 10th and guys like you have me drooling to try the S. I'll have to find other ways to get to heaven.

Could this simply be their attempt to better schedule their production? Once they have a clear idea of the quantities of each configuration, they can manufacture more efficiently.
Some configurations could still take several months to complete, so although we are forced to commit now (point of no return?), we may not receive our cars for quite some time.

On the other hand, maybe TM has 3 shifts going, and is going to clear as much backlog as possible, and then start some actual marketing to bring in a flood of orders. ??

Be absolutely certain that you configure your car the way you want it because once you do the answer to any changes is "No No No No…" Absolutely no changes or modifications whatsoever! You cannot change the sound system to an upgrade… You cannot change the size of your wheels… You cannot change the color of your rims… You cannot change anything! Be absolutely sure that you're getting everything the way you want it.

Tesla said when they raised the prices that all reserved would be asked to configure Jan-Feb, so that part is not surprising, then if you configure the 85kwh I imagine you will get the car a lot sooner than those ordering 60kwh or 40kwh, and not have to wait til June, which was my guess too when my dad reserved his in Nov.

Got my invite last week. Going for test drive this week on both the P85 and S85. Drove the P85 2 months ago (thinking it was the S85 which I wanted to buy) and walked away with a huge grin not knowing it was the Performance. Will finalize after this test drive if the S85 delivers the goods.

Got my invitation to configure this morning (60kWhr, Air Suspension, #15526).

I'm going to have to ask some hard questions before the 18 Feb deadline hits. I will of course keep y'all updated on what transpires.

Is "S85" what you are calling the standard 85?

#15736 - Dec 12, 2012

Got Finalize email Jan 21, 2013

Model S - Black, Tan Leather, Air, Tech, 85K, Shelf

Signed papers.

Delivery Feb - Mar

I just call standard 85kwh the "S85".

Test drove at Oakbrook, IL 15DEC12 and reserved that day RN321125/#15963. Just received invitation to configure at 7PM tonight ChicagoLand time while lurking on the site. Clicked the finalize button with 60kW, blue, tech, sound, and suspension. Feb/Mar estimated delivery!

The wait list seems to be collapsing.

I placed my deposit December 15th #15950, and just got my invitation to configure 1/22.

I was told it was a 9 moth waiting list and was expecting to configure in April. This concerns me because the excess demand was one thing which gave me confidence that this is not a risky purchase. If their excess demand is just hype, then it diminishes the attraction to me, because it means they may be struggling.

I may just ask for my deposit back, but am wondering what everyone else thinks.

I think they are trying to get all the 2012(pre price increase) people finalized - just as they said.

And an outside chance this may be mentioned at the Feb 11th event.

The other issue I have with this being accelerated is that I want my car delivered in Atlanta and they don't have an Atlanta dealership yet.