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Car Sales (Non-Tesla): Europe --- Stats

Article in Bloomberg Today:


"European Car Sales Fall to 20-Year Low Amid Unemployment"

Some quotes:

"High youth unemployment, an aging population and the declining value of the car as a status symbol indicate that the drop in demand is structural, Managing Director Elmar Kades said."

"European group sales at Stuttgart, Germany-based Daimler rose 0.5 percent as the Mercedes-Benz division, the world’s third-biggest luxury-car manufacturer, posted a 2.6 percent increase, bolstered by demand for the A- and B-Class compacts and CLA four-door coupe."


Anecdotally, I am very excited about Tesla Europe.

Can anyone with insights on this please comment on Tesla's entrance into Europe against this backdrop?

What did you think the reason sales was down was? It's because everyone has a Model S reserved }B)

Vawlkus +1 good one!

Or is saving up for one. The Tesla Tsunami is about to smash into Europe's shores!