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Has anybody received their car with rear kid seats?

Perhaps I haven't been reading closely enough, but I have yet to see a review from a Tesla S owner about the rear facing jump seats. Are they coming with the cars being delivered? Have they been tried by owners yet? Has there been any word from the gov't about safety testing of the seats yet? Are the seats a reason why some owners haven't yet received their 2 week delivery window?

I ordered the rear seats and have received the 2 week window to take delivery.

I recently asked the same question under the Punch List thread and did not receive any answers indicating that anyone who ordered the rear seats received them yet. I would love to hear from owners that they are shipping so we can cross this item off the punch list.

Yeah, and if they're awesome I might add them to my build.

Does anyone have an update for the rear facing child seats?
Anyone have them yet?

We've had our car since the end of July, but do not have our rear-facing child seats yet.

@Rod and Barbara - has Tesla told you why? Or when to expect them?

Received my Model S last Wednesday (10/10) but without the rear kid seats. Delivery person said Tesla had a supplier issue and didn't indicate when they'd arrive. The latch system for the car seats worked very well.

Mayby the next software update will make them appear? Just connect S-Model to 3D printer, plug it in and here it comes.

How about the possible damage on the bodywork that results from the getting in and out of the children ? I guess after a while they will climb out of the trunk themselves. Stepping on to the bumper to get into or out of their seat.

My assumption is that if you have kids, you're prepared for damage to your car. :-)

It's a teaching opportunity. "Now boy's, you know daddy love you lots and lots, and he doesn't want anything bad to happen to you. If you hurt daddies car, daddy will get really angry. Remember the Hulk, the big green monster? See what happened when he got angry?"

Child Services and white-coated strong men with long syringes will be around to visit you shortly. >;)

Any updates from rear child seat owners?

I was told that the seats aren't ready and cars are being delivered without them. I am hoping to get my car around the end of the month, but the seats won't be installed until December.

Starting to look like the kid seats might be one of their supplier issues...?

Delivered without them? Better the kids' seats than the front seats!

A few of us asked about this at the NYC event on Monday and were told it was quality issues related to a supplier...they are apparently switching suppliers.

Child Services and white-coated strong men with long syringes will be around to visit you shortly. >;)

@BrianH - from the enthusiasm I've seen of the future Tesla owners, I dont think @BYT is the only one afraid to "Hulk out" if his kids damage his car.

I myself am not going to let my kids anywhere near my car. I'm going to set my Tesla up in a nice apartment and visit her on weekends! I'm starting a thread under "People who love their Teslas a little inappropriately"


Hm, the male counterpart to spinsters who keep all their "good" furniture under plastic, and eat off the counter in the kitchen, etc.
Advice: use it or lose it!


Brian H, if this was HenryT2's only car and his kids would have to walk to school 2 hours each way because he's worried about using it, then you'd be right (in some sense). But it occurs to me that this is probably not the case and that your comment is entirely besides the point. For some, the Tesla is the daily driver, and for some it's the precious luxury for special moments. So what? It's actually a role many expensive cars have.

Get a grip. He's joking about setting it up as a pampered mistress in an apartment. It's humor. Give it a try; you might like it!

Brian H, I do like humor. Just not your flavor of it.

Ask your service center to apply paint armor film to the painted surfaces that might get scratched. They offered the service (for a fee) when I showed them how the rear hatch swings out and almost hit my protruding garage door interior hinge.

VB, it's "beside the point," not "besides the point." Please let me know if the corrections annoy you.

DouglasR, thanks. Annoying -- not at all. Since you asked: You're right, there is a fine line and I can get quite pissed when the message and its form are mixed and stirred, only to fuel a pointless conversation. If you know what I mean.

On the other hand, there are two reasons why I'm so active on these forums: One is that I'm a Teslaholic (some would call me a Teslunatic). The other one is that it's a fun and surprisingly effective (not necessarily efficient, for those who obsess about the difference) way to improve my English language skills. So yes, a short note correcting or explaining some subtleties or inappropriately used expressions is very welcome! I love language and I usually take great care to use it as best I can.

VB, " I can get quite pissed when the message and its form are mixed and stirred, only to fuel a pointless conversation. If you know what I mean."

Nice metaphor, if a little mixed. ;) I not only know what you mean; I know whom you mean.

VB - your grasp of English and your contributions are ausgezeichnet!

I'd go with exzellent. We all understand that!

Anyone hear any updates about the rear facing seats?

@Bryan, I heard whispers of late January/February