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City of San Jose (CA) downtown EV parking discount is for S.J. Tesla owners only

Hello all,

I just wanted to pass along what I learned about the City of San Jose's downtown EV parking descount policy, after learning of this incentive from Tesla's website and doing some research. You either have to have your EV registered in San Jose or it must have been purchased from a licensed San Jose dealer (according to the permit application). Since the second requirement is not applicable to Tesla cars, Tesla owners who live elsewhere are out of luck. I confirmed this with the City parking services representative.

I wonder whether San Jose did not anticipate Tesla's non-dealership vehicle sales model when they formulated this policy, thus excluding a significate portion of the Bay Area EV user base.

No other complaints about this great car!


Its all about incentives. If the city doesn't really care a about all those drivers that can afford a Tesla, those drivers can park (and spend) elsewhere. For example, Santana Row has wide spaces, free charging and free parking. Hmmm, where would I rather go to have dinner and maybe buy a couple things I wasn't planning on buying.