Packed the contents of a dorm room in my Model S

My Daughter graduated and left college this past weekend and we no longer have the Mini-Van that we moved her in with 4 years ago as my wife now drives a VW Golf. So it was up to me to get all of her contents in the S. I am very pleased to report that the contents of a college dorm does indeed fit insde of the S. I used every nook and cranny in the car, up to the ceiling. I used the read view camera due to the entire back window being blocked. the frunk was filled completely as was the floor of the back seat area and even the passeger seat. Amazing amount of storage capacity! I just wish I had taken pictures!

Didn't you fold down the second row of seats?

Here's a quick video of an entire Kindergarten class in a Model S.

@Brian H | MAY 20, 2013: Didn't you fold down the second row of seats?

Don't know if he folded the rear seats down, but the foot area between the rear and front seats still provides valuable cargo space even with the seats folded.

Yes, I folded down the seats and also used the space on the floor.