Let's help sign a petition that will enable Tesla to sell in every State! They need 100k signatures in the next week to make this happen!

11,000 at 9:45 a.m. PST

Why am I finding this out just now? Did they get the required number of signatures?

No, dumb petition. The states' purview, not Federal.

My error, they did achieve 139K. But it's state by state, as the response points out.

You can BUY a Tesla in all fifty states.

If you are a helpless digital age neophyte then you can drive to a legacy dealership and have someone, only interested in how much money you have and how guilable you are, SELL you an inventory car that has been rotting in the sun for six months.


You can BUY a Tesla without being SOLD a car by going to and ordering what you want.

But then you already knew that or you would not be reading this.

Ironically the dealerships haven't stopped Tesla from letting people BUY cars they have only required that if you want to SELL cars, in a few states, you have to sell them the old fashioned way. You can always BUY one from Tesla anywhere at any time.