How many people are going for the Trifecta: Roadster, Model S and Model X?

I just placed my order for the Model X and I was just curious to see if any others are going for the trifecta of Tesla cars

Jeez, Jerry;
suggests the next stages: quad-fecta and quint-fecta when the Bluestar and NextGen Roadster are released! You'll need a lot of outlets. Probably a new (additional) garage, too!

.....and lots of coin.

Having the Model S, along with a second highway comfy "long range" ICE vehicle is all we need. This combo gives us the flexibility to take those long trips, while also saving money on fuel for 95% of our normal driving, without sacrificing on luxury and comfort.

Of course, we could have two Tesla EVs, but at the moment, that's cost prohibitive.

We'll stick with the Roadster and a Model S. That's enough for 2 people.

My prediction: No more than 2,500!

Well, since DarrellH is out, that makes the max 2,499!

Sorry to reduce the number. 8-)

I only have a 2-car garage, which currently holds a Roadster and a Prius. At the end of 2013, the Prius will be gone and a Model X will be in its place. My garage will be 100% electric, with both cars powered from solar.

As much as I love the Model S (LOVE), it doesn't make sense for me. So the number drops to 2498.

What's the % driving you do with each? 50:50? 20:80?

And the R-X combo sounds very interesting. Maybe that could be a "twifecta" count. Or perhaps we could tabulate all 3 possible 2-combos separately!
4 competing charts:


2496. I count at least two "totals" on this page (the others are likely driving again after some repairs):

Brian - Right now I drive my Roadster easily over 90% of the miles (the Prius is only for hauling my pups or a hardware store run or a loaner for guests).

When I get the X, I predict it will be an even mix, but time will tell.

We are organizing a Florida Tesla Motors Club. One of our members has a Roadster and reservations on both a Signature Model S and X.


Why isn't he on the board here? Tell him to drop in!

I'll have a Roadster and an S. Selling the gas car when the S comes. Not going for an X... don't need three cars.

I have S & X on order to replace wife's BMW X5 & Z4, but I'll keep my 1976 Jaguar XJ Coupe. Probably...

Going for the trifecta, and probably quad and quint as the kids come of age.

I'm a total convert to the Tesla Way. I may be keeping a few ICE cars because they might be collectibles and one of our 4x4 F150 for Emergencies.

Getting rid of all the rest.

--- Cherif

There are "variants" of the S coming next year. Cabriolet? Pick-up? Van?

I was only going to go for the R and the X but recently put in an order for an S as well so I guess I'll have the trifecta........ Guess it was meant to be! :-)

Do you mean the existing Roadster, or GenIII platform one?

BrianH are you asking me? then, I have a roadster, had/have a reservation for an X and now, also have also procured a reservation for an S............

Oh, I was wondering if you were planning on a GenIII Roadster, too!

two out of three for me (S and X).... so far. Man, you should not put ideas like this in our heads Jerry.

What is a used Roadster going for anyhow? l No........ don't tell me.

$80K+. Great deals around.

All three for me! I held on to my Roadster and put my deposit on the X

Does anyone have updated info. on who has multiple Tesla's? We are going to be a Model S & X family.

What? No Model E? Pikers.

Not yet since they aren't taking reservations...too early :)

Going for at least the quint. The fleet stands at 4 Teslas so far with two more on order.

I'm looking forward to the variations if they indeed appear (could really use a small truck).

I know for a fact that my wife would love a convertible.

Each kid will likely get one of the new Gen 4 (? The sub 40k model... the E? I'm not up on all the scuttlebutt)

And I'll want the next Roadster if that's still in the cards.


That's the Infecta not the Trifecfa