How long to get WA license plate?

Since Tesla delivered my car with (paper) temporary sticker, I wonder how long until the plates arrive? Also will I receive them in the mail or come back to the service center?

It's ironic that I could have had plates the same day by going to a WADOT office near my house (at least with a used car being registered). Anybody get their plates yet?

Came via FedEx yesterday. Delivery was Nov 16.

Thanks John.

@pilotSteve | DECEMBER 23, 2012: Since Tesla delivered my car with (paper) temporary sticker, I wonder how long until the plates arrive?

Was the paper temporary sticker issued by WA state or was it a CA temporary plate?

I quite like the Zero Emissions "plate" you get with the car. I'm in no hurry to receive my WA plate...

I took delivery in mid-October and all I had was a temp paper taped to the rear-window with an expiration of 12/2/12 and I didn't receive my physical plates until the 2nd week of December. I started calling in the week before expiration and was told they hadn't even sent them in yet. Not sure why Tesla would wait 6 weeks to send in the paper work for the WA plates. Finally got them, but it seemed excessively long.

@AlexK - it was a Washington paper temporary good until mid January. Tesla did the 'dealer' paperwork for WA and all appears good, but I don't have (a) registration or (b) plate yet. Not worried just want to know when to expect the plates.

I got my plates 4 days after the temporary tag expired by fedex--Lance from the Seattle service center sent me another temp tag. I have the plates now, but still sporting a temp sticker waiting for my personalized plate: TESLAFY

Today my temp tag expires. Called Tesla and they said that their tracking number shows that the plates will be delivered today.

My plates were delivered 5 minutes after I posted the message above. So, I got my plates the day the temp expired.

Called Tesla and they sent me a new temp tag (my current one expires in 3 days, no plates yet). Maybe I will have real plates in the next few days too!

Tesla was great in that they told me they escalated my issue to their license/title group who assured them I would have my plate in time..... but also sent me a 45 day extension temp just in case.

Nice service either way Tesla!

Took me about 35 days. 10 days shy of the expire.

Well, mine arrived today! That makes one day shy of 11 weeks, and just five days short of my 2nd temporary expiration date.

Plus it had the final vehicle title.

Now my next dilemma: I had a very nice Prestige license plate holder I bought from Garrot's Garage. Was installing it when I realized the backup camera interferes with it. This holder has about a 3/8" lip and cannot be used on the rear.

My car did not come with a Tesla frame so I think I'll ask the service center for two.