Color combo poll

I'm finalizing my options in the next couple days. All options are settled but the interior color. I was sold on blue/tan, but I'm not sure I like the look of the tan, and I've always had black interiors. From outside the car, I love the blue/tan contrast. but sitting in the front seat, I'm not sure I like the look of the tan on the dash. So I think I'm settling on:



Haven't final configured yet but I was planning on blue/tan.

Blue/tan matte

I chose white with tan interior. So what trim are you getting?

The dash is black regardless. I have a tan interior and it's just the seats, door panels, and area under the dash that's tan. Above the internal decor, it's all black. It looks pretty similar to this:

mtlord. I forgot to say I like having the light interior contrast with the dark blue.

Sig. Red, Tan interior, Obeche wood-gloss

Forgot to mention my color. Sig Red/Tan/Lacewood.

Pearl White/Tan/Lacewood. Wife says black leather will get too hot. We're in Seattle, so I don't see it as an issue, but I go along.

green with gray interior.

Blue metalic, tan with obeche gloss

Plaid, with stripped tires, and glossy redwood with tints of spotted owl feathers……..

pearl white/tan/carbon fibre/grey wheels

pearl white/black/obeche matte

She's thinking about the trips to Florida you don't know you're taking yet.

pearl white/black/cr/grey wheels and keeping the spoiler but leaving off the front license plate

blue/gray/obeche gloss. black interior is also nice

Metallic green with tan interior. One thing I was concerned about was the tan interior looked very orange to me online (Mercedes Benz orange leather). Knowing this could be a function of viewing online, I was pleased the tan is actually tan when I test drove in DC. I expect to really like the combo when I get my car (best guess Feb 2013 now).

Another advantage of green paint...considering a license plate that says GREENx2

Black, tan/piano, dark wheels. Seemed futuristic. Get the windex and microfiber rag for the glovebox and touch free car wash ready! I can deal with it!

brown/tan/obeche matte

Black/tan and obeche gloss and standard wheels.

black/black/obeche matte

Blue/tan/carbon fiber/silver wheels

I am torn between the brown with tan interior/ silver wheels vs gray with gray or black inerior/dark wheels. Im res # 7948 so I have to decide soon. decisions....decisions.

pearl white/gray/obeche matt

Performance Sig in black black with Obeche Wood Matte. I really like the red lining coming with the black leather seats. Wheels are silver 21'



Blue, Tan and probably Lacewood when the time to configure comes.

Gray/black/carbon fiber/yellow dog.

Black/Black/Carbon Fiber/21" Gray Wheels

Pearl White, Pano Roof, Black Leather, Carbon Fiber. But I won't see this car for a looooong time - probably June/July next year. R 12136.