Check out my new wheels

Had my P85+ for a couple of months and love it. After putting on my new wheels, it is even better and lighter by almost 50 lbs.

How much $$$ did the 50 lbs saving cost you?

Wow... I wish Tesla offers a few more 21" rim options.

I am one of the owners in the company so I didn't pay anything. Retail cost is about $1,300 each.


The stock 21" wheels are very heavy, and 19" ones aren't particularly light. I didn't even go to forged wheels for my track tires, went from 19x8.5 -> 20x9 wheels and 245->265 tires, and still cut out about 5 pounds/corner.

Looks nice, but the 10.5" wheels in the rear look really tight.

Sweet wheel nice I would get it in 20's

They can made in 19", 20", 21" and 22". My 21" staggered are 21x9 +38 and 21x10.5 +40. Used the front factory 245 35 21 tires up front and 285 30 21 on the rear. No rubbing and fit perfect.

19" - 19x8.5 19x10
20" - 20x8.5 20x10
21" - 21x9 21x10.5
22" - 22x9 22x10.5

Very nice wheels.

Beautiful rims! If I wasn't insane about efficiency and getting the aeros, these would be near the top of my list.

I'm currently working on setting up a winter config with 20x9 on all corners and going with cheaper cast wheels. But, next Spring, I might replace my OEM 21" wheels with after-market 20" forged. Will keep this in mind, thanks...I hadn't heard of Niche wheels. My only concern is the 1-year warranty, which seems a little low for expensive, forged wheels like these.


omg what a bunch of BS

oops! This was about FOX news link in a different thread. No idea how it ended up here. Sorry!


Be careful with cast or any other aftermarket wheels. Seems that Tesla has a design flaw in the manufacturing process. There is a small raised (almost 1mm)flat-head bolt between the two of the stud (at least on my P85+) on all 4 corners. This protrusion is dangerous unless the wheels have relief pockets to clear. The factory wheels obviously have lightener pockets on the back mounting surface so no big deal from their standpoint.

Make sure that any and all aftermarket wheels clear this protrusion or your lug nuts WILL become loose and possibly have the wheel fall off while driving.

I will post more details once I figure out how to show images on this forum. Any suggestions?

Maybe the best I've seen.

Wow! These wheels look amazing! Best set I've seen on a Tesla. Dare I say even better than the factory wheels? I've had many different wheels for my cars made by MHT brands and they all have been top notch! I just might have to get some of these wheels for my car when it arrives. Rick, do you guys make any 20" wheels that would for the MS?

Rick, does $1300 mean for a set of 4? (I hope that's not for one wheel...)

@Pianist: They're forged, so that's certainly the per-wheel cost.

Will 19s be less?
HRE wheels cost $2200 each

@ rickp - Absolutely beautiful! Have you approached Tesla to see if you can have them included as configurable options? If these were offered as a 21" option instead of the turbines when I ordered, I probably would have sprung for them.

OMG those are beautiful.....

Very cool...great site, Car Builder section is neat although no Tesla MS...tsk tsk

I have approached Tesla to offer the wheels as an option. Still no response. I don't see why they wouldn't consider with the weight advantage over cast, styling and strength options with forged, built to order in any size and finish and best of all "MADE IN AMERICA". It can't be because of my lack of wheel experience. I started in the wheel business in 1978 and MHT was founded in 1990.

Anyway, thanks for the nice comments on my wheels and website.

50 lbs difference on a 4500 lb car is 1%. Negligible.

its in the spinning up of the wheels where the weight difference will be felt together with handling improvements from reducing un-sprung weight.........

@jeffpoel - you would be surprised how much difference 12lb/corner in unsprung weight makes -- companies like Lotus go to extreme measures like moving the brakes inboard to reduce it.

However, unless you are driving it hard at the track, you are unlikely to notice.

is there a retailer in canada ????

I do wish that Tesla offered a wider range of 19" wheel options....

This style would not be on my list though....

19" turbines would be perfect... even the Cyclones are too asymmetrical...