charging advice please???

Please read the reply I wrote to the "where are the raffle winners?" topic. Can anybody tell me how we can find Tesla S quick charge stations in Washington? I tried both Recargo and Plugshare and neither web site seemed to show any quick charge stations for Teslas in Washington. However, I was told there was one in Centralia. The link to "learn about quick chargers" on Tesla's FAQ page is a dead end.

Thanks for your help, Dan

If by "quick charge station" you mean Tesla Supercharger, then that's correct, there are none in WA yet. Hopefully soon (like in the next few months), as WA is one of the areas targeted for expansion of the Supercharger network.

Or if you're referring to what's currently in Centralia, it's a Roadster HPC (High Power Connector) which the Model S can use with an adapter. It's not as fast as the Superchargers, but better than you can get at almost all public stations currently. If you've got the adapter (or have access to one), then you've got a few options in WA, and Recargo will show them to you (on the search page, filter by "Tesla Roadster"). There happens to be a discussion going on right now on this forum about the Centralia site:

One more thing: in order to take full advantage of a Roadster HPC (or a Model S HPC, for that matter), your car needs to be equipped with twin chargers, otherwise you'll end up charging half as fast, which typically won't be much of a gain from a public level 2 charger.

Salman is right. Since the raffle car does not have twin chargers, the Centralia Burgerville station will not help you. Until the superchargers are installed, the fastest charge you will probably get is at an RV park or campground, where they have NEMA 14-50 outlets. Otherwise, the standard 30 amp public chargers are what there is.