########## OFFICIAL 60 Minutes Tesla Discussion Thread ##########

Since the U.S. Eastern and Central time zones will see the 60 Minutes broadcast an hour before Mountain and 2 hours before Pacific time zones, let's try and keep all comments here after viewing. This way those watching later will not have any spoilers revealed before they get a chance to watch for themselves. Alternatively, if later viewers prefer, they can choose to read the earlier comments in anticipation of the show.

Pop the corn, open a beer, and enjoy the show.

OK I'll stay away from the forum form 5PM on since I'm in the Pacific time zone.

Mountain time zone here. Trying to ignore forum...

NCAA basketball is trumping 60 Minutes so far here in the East. I was afraid of this. Hope the basketball ends before it knocks the Tesla segment off.

7:20 EDT It's on.

60 minutes starting on the East Coast now. Tesla is second segment. Great end to the Kentucky-Michigan game!

Just Great!

Great piece. Just one question...why the engine noise watching the Model S accelerate???

Fantastic! They didn't skewer him! They just showed his brilliance and sincere intent.

Even though it would be sweet if it was a whole segment on the Model S, my guess it's going to be more about Elon.

I missed the engine noise, caught up with watching the car.

I was thinking the same thing about the engine noise! My way wife mentioned that as well and I was like Hmmmmmmmm...

They seemed to spend more time on SpaceX than Tesla. A bit disappointed about that.

And I bet the engine noise was of the CBS vehicle doing the film of the car.

But it was a positive piece.

wow....couldn't have been more Tesla friendly! The truth is they deserve it. I'm so used to defending Tesla from stupid articles and biased journalists that i sometimes lose touch with how amazing the achievements of the company are. I know the story was about Elon....but i do hope in the future Tesla can learn to highlight other people in the company. Elon is obviously a very cool guy, and the cult of personality ala Steve Jobs is fine if that is what helps market everything initially....but long term Tesla is better served showing more than one face

My 10-year old daughter loved every bit of it (as did I), but her first observation was 'What's up with the engine noise?' I responded it must be the ICE car with the camera! :)

Brilliant man and it all showed through!

I am surprised they did not mention the efforts of various car dealer associations (such as in NJ) to prevent them from selling cars.

On that link there are segment extras beyond what was on TV.

There are four addition segments on the website. I cannot directly link to the segments, they are on the right side of the page.

Link sponsored by Viagra LOL.

SP Hmmm I'm trying to figure out something to do before the show is up (sorry) in 1 1/2 hours.

I was going to DVR it and totally forgot I want to watch it but the link on the CBS Web site has no full screen option Seriously, how backwards can CBS get to not have a full screen button on their video player?

Anyone know of a way to watch the Tesla episode in full screen mode?

The zombie apocalypse warranty.

The 60 minutes reporter, Scott Pelley, revealed that his wife owns a Tesla Model S. This was a puff piece commercial for Tesla and SpaceX. Nothing bad at all.

I saw it in full screen mode on my PC. It seemed easy to me.

Nevermind There was no full screen button in Internet Explorer but the same link has a video player with a full screen option under Chrome.

Just got done watching "The Revenge of the Electric Car" so I can now conclude the day properly with more Tesla information and I can go to sleep dreaming about an AWD Model S :)

That was awesome.

I personally had no idea that SpaceX was doing flights for NASA.

Of the two companies, SpaceX is probably even MORE amazing than Tesla. I mean, who the heck does a rocket ship startup?

IBEW commercial was an interesting buy. VW TDI, Cialis, Crestor, Fidelity were more predictable.

What an uplifting piece.

It was a great piece. I too was hoping to see more of MS. But it was more about the man than the vehicle. Enjoyed it.

Thoroughly enjoyed the piece. The TV ads leading up to it made it seem like the Model S was the focal point, but still enjoyed it.

Elon really got emotional talking about late 2008. The guy gets it, and is a legend in our time, thank goodness. He does things for the right reasons.

Now off to Netflix for the Revenge of the Electric Car!