Where to post software bugs?

Is there an official place to log and track bugs with the Model S firmware?

Nothing official, and as far as I know, no thread dedicated to just bugs. It might be useful to have a private thread for logging REPRODUCIBLE bugs (i.e., not random problems that can be fixed with a screen reboot). @HClark, if you are an owner or reservation holder, you can make this thread private by using the "edit" link at the top left of your screen.

My understanding is that our cars are providing daily reports to Tesla on status. I'm looking forward to see what 4.2 is like.

I would suggest you email them to

I've been told "call us and we'll open a ticket for ownership and a separate ticket for engineering"
Done that, got a follow-up from their ownership experience, and I guess from that point on it's anybody's guess when they fix it.