Red or Blue?

We have had a number of purchaser polls asking about our age, our demographics, our location, etc. I have been quite curious about our politics, but I worried that a controversial subject like politics (or religion?) might be unwelcome. However, a couple of threads have now broken the ice by discussing the presidential debates and government tax policies. And we are, after all, entering the Silly Season. So I thought I'd ask: are you a tree-hugging liberal, a fat-cat conservative, or a wishy-washy independent? Do you favor Obama, Romney, or someone else? Please keep the commentary and argument to a minimum. I'm really just trying to get an idea of how we compare to the population at large. Non-US purchasers are welcome to vote.

I'll start:

I'm a Democrat favoring Obama.

"I'm a Democrat favoring Obama."


Sig Red. Oh wait.... thats not the topic? :)

color me Blue



Ron Paul was my favourite man... but, well, I am not from US...

Blue Model S ordered
My house is Green (Solar Panels)
I'm Politically Blue (Democrat)
In a Red County (Douglas)
In a Purple State (CO)

tree hugging conservative?

are you a tree-hugging liberal, a fat-cat conservative, or a wishy-washy independent?

Not the only choices

Blue.. I'm also worried that the red guy will create an unfavorable climate for ev's and alternative energy.

I hate them all (the politicians). I'm a Ron Paul style, small l, libertarian.

Sig Red Perf + all the goodies.

Blue all the way...Blue Model S on order, which should be delivered right after my Blue president is re-elected next month :)

Non USA - conservative.

Red, but Cdn. Ex-blue; till I started paying attention. Despise Obama.

Baby blue was the color of her eyes.
Baby blue like the Colorado skies.
Like a breath of spring she came and left And I still don't know why So, here's to you and whoever HELPS my baby blue tonight

I live in California...
I have solar panels on my house...
I have a Tesla Signature with delivery in the next few weeks....
I'm a registered Republican...
I'm voting for Romney....



. . . a tree-hugging fat cat?

TheAustin +1 - same here in Chi-town

same setup as John_DeDe
Independent, don't like either of the candidates, but expect less damage from Obama, so will vote for him

Sig Red
I vote for no one (Canadian), but my American wife votes for the lesser of two evils (which in the case of this election is Red)

@DouglasR | OCTOBER 9, 2012: but I worried that a controversial subject like politics (or religion?) might be unwelcome.

Maybe next time people can post these kind of discussions in the General section, since they are not related to the Model S directly?

David den Boer;
similar, but my ex votes for the greater of the two evils.

Tree hugging renewable blue.

They're both too far to the right for me. I'm all for socialism when it comes to health care and education, military draft, and a much more progressive tax system.

There are at least two dimensions in the choices:

Extreme liberalism (change everything if it feels like it, f*ck the traditions)
Extreme conservatism (do not change anything, traditions must be honored, no matter what)


Extreme capitalism (everything should be privately owned, free markets all the way)
Extreme socialism (government owns and controls everything)

Maybe even three dimensions:

Dictatorship vs democracy in its purest form.

The best choice can be found somewhere between those, no extreme anything.

Ron Paul, but that'll never happen. So being a Democrat I guess Obama will do. ^-^

In the style of the Molson Rant commercials "My name is Joe and, I AM CANADIAN". :P

Ontopic, this link says it all for me


At least you're honest about your position, unlike most politicians who share your views.

Probably not a great idea to document this until TM is out of the woods.

I'm a deep blue - feel Obama is too centrist, to be honest. Romney / Ryan gives me chills.

I'm actually ok paying higher taxes (yes, I'm a 1%er) if it means better services across the board (single payer healthcare! education! infrastructure!), and especially at the bottom of the board. I firmly believe a rising tide raises all ships, but that rise much start at the bottom income brackets, not at the top.

Environmentally, I live in a solar powered house (90% from my system, 10% from the grid), own only alt energy cars (hybrids, had a grease car), and do my best to buy local, organic, etc.