Another form of solar energy might be viable soon

This was published a couple of weeks ago:

It looks like they might have a solution to the most difficult problem making the nano-antennas work - getting the rectifiers to operate at a high enough frequency to convert the energy to DC voltage. At potentially 70% efficient and I believe (from reading another article on the subject) also the ability to draw from the infra-red portion of the spectrum could make this the ideal "solar panel" since it would also work at night as objects radiate heat back.

While it does sound intreaquing, saying it might be available soon seems like a bit of a stretch. If I've read the article properly, it's little more than a theory at this time.


Could theoretically produce 2.5X as much energy from a given surface as existing panels. That does not solve the "large system" distribution and storage issues, of course.

I was thinking as always in geologic time ;-)