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Won't Charge: Can I borrow a cable for 5 minutes?

After a month of successful charging, I plug in and it says Charging Stopped. Only one green light is on the mobile charger. I've done all the troubleshooting and tried another outlet. Something is wrong and I cannot charge my car.

I then learned that our "Roadside Assistance" is nothing more than a towing service. You will get no assistance other than towing the car to the nearest Tesla service to wait until normal business hours. Of course, my problem began Friday night. I suspect that the mobile charging cable is faulty but there's no way to isolate whether it's that or something with the car. I just have to wait until Monday and hope they can get to me.

On Superbowl Sunday: If any owners are in the Piedmont/Berkeley/Oakland area, I'd appreciate if I could borrow your cable for 5 minutes to see if it's my cable that's broken.

Go to a public station real quick, that should let you know.

Plan B, if you have the J1772 adapter. Go to a public charging station, use the J1772 Adapter. If it works, then probably your mobile charger cable is bad.

Thanks for the advice. I tried the J1772 at a public station. Still won't take a charge. So, it's the car. UGH. Well, I had exactly 31 days with a trouble-free car.

Luckily its the under warranty and its probably just the charge port, seems like they have a lot of problems with that

So, if the roadside assistance covers only towing your car to the service center, how did you get home?

You will probably need to replace the Master Charger located under the backseat. If so, definetly a Tesla Ranger situation.

This thread should probably change to Roadside Assistance. As I said in the top of this post, I was surprised to find that Roadside Assistance is capable of doing one, and only one, thing. They simply tow th car to the closest service. I asked what if it was a flat tire. Answer: tow. This ain't roadside assistance and they shouldn't call it that. Don't cancel your AAA.

I think it is pretty impractical to be able to mount/balance a replacement tire on a truck or even carry radials mounted on all 3 wheel types in both directions, so if spray glue won't fix it then towing seems pretty reasonable. The rest sounds like things a Ranger would be involved in rather than roadside assistance.

I had a charging problem a few weeks ago. Turned out to be an issue with the master charger in the car. They ended up replacing it.