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What factory/building is being built on the newly acquired Tesla Fremont Factory land?

Drove past the factory today and the newly acquired south side land has a large steel and concrete building, that has started construction. Is this just the housing for the test track?


That's the hyperloop station. Every Model S Signature owner gets their own private Hyperloop pod, and that's where they will be build.

It's a Space X add-on, to deliver model S's overseas in less than a couple of hours.

It will have some purpose. Soon that will be mentioned in the news as well.

Cryogenic freezing facility for ensuring that Elon Musk's brain lives until future medicine can provide him with a new body (preferably made of carbon fiber and aluminum) after his current one fails.

Battery Cells?


FWIW, the land has/had a preexisting test track left over from the GM/Toyota NUMMI days.

Well, I just hope it isn't Phase 2 for Tesla, like it was for Starbucks:

Been there many times, its actually a Thermo Fisher R&D building post buyout of Life Technologies. Nothing to do with Tesla


Thermo Fisher and Life Technologies? That's sounding more and more like a lab to store Elon's body in cryogenic storage when it wears out until a carbon and aluminum cybernetic body can be fashioned. AND it can charge for free on the Supercharger Network.

Teslamodelsowner: Really? It looks like it is a fresh build? I would hope for battery cells factory.

Thermo Fischer owns the western portion of the land south of the Tesla factory and directly adjacent to Kato Rd, which is where the new construction is occurring. Tesla's recent acquisition was for the test track located at the eastern portion adjacent to the Union Pacific tracks.

There's apparently still a 109 acre parcel available to the north of the Tesla factory...

And the existing Tesla factory is HUGE so they might have space already if they wanted to internalize some battery production.

10-storey vertical factory for the X; Aluminum rolls enter the bottom floor, get cut and stamped. Car comes together as it is lifted floor by floor. Finished product has dedicated "dumb waiter" elevator shaft, cars pop out the exit door at one every 5 min.

That would be 648k MX per year... but how will they get 5.2B battery cells?

You can put your old cell phone batteries in an envelope for repurposing and mail them to Mr. E. Musk, Center Ikea Desk, 45500 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538

Have heard tell that Tesla is preparing for the required use of four (4) times the batterys Panasonic can produce even with the Panasonic manufacturing expansion for the production of the Model X and the "Three." They have even been talking with some battery manufacturers who will not manufacture to Tesla standards--likely the reason Tesla is going to design and build their own cells in house.