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What car did you have before ordering the Tesla?

I just finished watching a few of the motor trend YouTube video's about the Tesla model S and it got me thinking about who is fueling the fire with Tesla. They are all car guys and they voted it #1 (100% agree). But the amazing thing about Tesla is it has other categories of drivers that are fueling the fire. But where are the numbers really coming from?

I would say there is only 3 categories, you are either:

1. Green
2. Technology lover
3. Car lover

There is no category for "economical" because lets all be honest you could buy a used Honda civic with 40mpg and it would take a 1000 years for the Tesla to make sense financially.

I drive a Porsche Cayenne SUV now, but wouldn't consider myself a car guy. I am a technology guy and I am buying a Tesla because its technology is simply the BEST. I have every gadget there is and the Tesla is to me the best gadget on wheels. I'm in technology sales and spend a lot of time on the road, this was just something I couldn't resist (and I tried...)

So one vote for Technology lover.

I'm a technology lover and I never was a big environmental advocate or car lover (I can barely name 1/8 of the cars on the street). The cool thing is that I fell in love with the Tesla Model S because it was technologically light-years ahead of any other vehicle on the market. Then I began looking into the car and learned about 0-60, drag coefficient, horsepower, etc but i'm still not a car guy, I'm a Tesla guy! The green part was used as justification for price point as it would save me TONS of money on fuel. I'm seriously looking into the Model S as my next car

I race cars as a hobby.
Currently drives a 997.
I love the performance aspect of a S. I love how simple the car is. No engine, no smog check every 2 years, no muffler, no transmission, no intake. It is what Tesla don't have turns me to it.

Replaced an Audi A8L. Don't miss it a bit. Love our Model S xo

I think in need to put a check in each column. I'm a mechanical engineer that works in high tech. Love cars, technology, and have been passionate about sustainability/ efficiency for a long time. We've had full solar PV systems on every house we've owned. Some of it is the long term pay back/ investment...some of it is leaving a better world for my kids. I've been driving a Prius since 2004. I have 200,000 miles on it and the original brakes. Great car, gets me to work and back and takes a family of 4 on vacations no problem. It's saved me a ton of money and I have no complaints about the car, but I've just never loved the look/style. I couldn't be more excited for my Tesla. Finally a car that has it all!! Efficiency, technology, and a beautiful car. Finally, you do t have to compromise.

Sold my Honda Civic hybrid after buying the Tesla. Our other car is also a hybrid. As you might guess, the environmental benefits were what first got me interested. Have never spent this even half this much on a car, but was able to convince my wife based on the emissions/ oil consumption/ climate change considerations. We both enjoy the performance and ride as well as the feeling that we are not burning fossil fuel.

Cream-puff Infinity G35 Sport Coupe is for sale now. I LOVE that car, but...

My Tesla Model S is supposed to arrive in four days.

Well can I be half car guy and half green guy? Been working in the automotive industry for nearly 35 years and have owned three prior BEV's "all conversions". I've been waiting decades for a genuinely practical minimal compromise BEV to come to market at a price point that was within reach! Model S is the first that is capable of being used as my all purpose "only" car.

Sooo, I guess that means I shouldn't expect an offer from you on my Infinity G35?

For me it's technology. I was bitten by the EV bug back in 1997 when I leased a GM EV1. I drove it for 5 years until GM tore it out of my hands and crushed it. I then bought a Toyota RAV4EV which served me faithfully for 10 years and 110K miles. My wife drove it for a couple years until I bought her a Mitsubishi MiEV. I bought a Leaf in 2011 which now I'm trying to sell since I now have my ultimate dream car, the Model S. My biggest problem with all the EV's was limited range and low performance. I always wanted another car with similar performance as the 7 second EV1. The Model S surpasses my wildest dreams of a good electric vehicle.

@ Anthony H

Lol!! I've never owned an import, Been driving Lincolns since 1980. Bought a 1979 Continental Collectors Series "demo unit" never looked back. I'm on my 5th Town Car currently (8th Lincoln overall) But if any of my buddies are looking for a G35 I'll post up!

It's a long shot though. most of my running mates all drive domestic.

It seems we're both exiting our normal paradigm.

Kudos to us!

Owned my Prius since 2004. Has 119k miles on it and never had a problem. CA took my carpool sticker away a few years ago and that go me thinking about something of equal quality and green. Was not impressed with any of the EVs on the market, including Prius plug in, mostly because of restricted range. Then came the Model S and the rest is history. Mine arrives in about 3 weeks if things go according to plan!

A bit of everything, but primarily a car guy.

When I learned of AC Propulsion's T-zero (which begat Tesla) in 2001 I knew I wanted an electric car. I can't believe it's taken this long, but it's finally a reality.

My first and only other car is a Subaru Impreza WRX (for sale!) which I bought new in 2001 and have moderately improved the performance of.

I do miss AWD and the lower weight, but that is *all* I miss. The P85 is a blast.

Replacing a Lexus SC430, which is still a great car. Going to miss the convertible, but at least I got the pano roof. If I had to pick one of the 3, I'd say technology. The car is like a laptop on wheels!

Anthony H;
I can't think of any worse places to try and sell a used ICE car, off-hand. Let us know if you succeed!

I had a Mercedes S550 that I absolutely loved. The car was a beautifully designed & engineered car, but when my lease was up I wanted to buy out the lease until they came to me with the cost of 60k when the book value was only 40k. So I let the lease go out and while looking for our new 550 we saw a news report on how the big three were slowly starting to hire but that a new start up company was hiring hundreds. That was two years ago. When my wife saw the news clip we looked online for some info about it and when she saw it she told me to stop looking for a new Mercedes and to look at Tesla. So within three months we put our deposit down but it wasn't till the Amped Up Tour when we finally saw the Model S, and wow what a car. We are still waiting for ours to be delivered, which we could have already received one but we chose the red color and that's not available until sometime in March or April. Although a good friend of mine was able to get one within one month because he didn't car about color, he just had to have it. He also took it to the drag strip and made a fool of a Dodge Viper, go to You Tube and look for "Tesla Model S Performance vs Dodge Viper SRT10 Drag Racing 1/4 Mile"

I'll miss crusing on the lake!

As I am replacing a 1,4 l Corolla 2001 with a model S I am definetly not a car guy. I am an engineer working with hydropower and I would say I am a green technology lover.

I am a technology lover as well as a car lover.
The P85 replaced a (Dinan Signature Series 1) BMW M5.

The refundable deposit was put down on a lark. What really sold me was the test drive a year later.

Feels almost like DaveR75 responded for me. Here is his story edited to be mine:

I think in need to put a check in each column. I'm an electrical engineer that works in high tech. Love cars, technology, and have been passionate about sustainability/ efficiency for a long time. We've had full solar PV systems on every house we've owned. I've been driving a Prius since 2007. I have 50,000 kilometers (30,000 miles) on it and the original brakes. Great car, gets me to work and back and takes a family of 4 on vacations no problem. It's saved me a ton of money and I have no complaints about the car, but I've just never loved the look/style. I couldn't be more excited for my Tesla. Finally a car that has it all!! Efficiency, technology, and a beautiful car. Finally, you dont have to compromise.

Ops, part about solar system should have been deleted. Does not make that much sense here in Norway.

Technology lover, looking for renewed car passion. The P85 is guaranteed to provide that. Currently - I am not kidding - I drive a Citroen 2CV from 1985, fully restored back to former simplistic glory. The current passion (incomprehensible to most). Besides that - a little bit green as I am involved in greentech: biofuel technology development as in microwave assisted pyrolysis.

Wannabe car lover. Coming from a long lineage of boring family haulers. Never been that into cars, but becase of the tax system in Norway cars with simlar performance to a P85 cost three to four times the price. Too hard to pass up. ( pluss gas being about $10 a gallon makes it a no brainer)

i would fall in the Car guy, tech guy, with appreciation for the green guy category. The Porsche Panamera Turbo now for sale is the best car I have ever owned. The Model S as many of you have more eloquently communicated is more than a car,to me it is an adventure

have been driving the Lexus RX hybrid series for years - great car....but have decided to go 100% electric and get off the hybrid route. I am selling a 2012 RX450h AWD - only 6600 miles. When I test drove the MS that was it - I needed to step into the tech - I am also going solar for our house as well. Install of the solar panels will begin in about another month. We are going in a totally different mind set from what we have been used to - carbon footprint should be quite a bit lower now. I do believe TESLA has created a major shift in the auto industry. MS being delivered late next week I believe!

About the car guy: I currently drive an Audi A5 and it is definitely the best car I've ever onwed. It even has a CVT gearbox which makes it somewhat like an EV. The quality of it is above anything else and I find pleasure in driving it every day. I also have a few beetles and a Miata. Check: car guy.
I'm interested in technology from watches over cars to espresso machines. Check: tech guy.
My company is selling solar panels and wood burning, environmentally friendly boilers. We find great interest in clean technology. Check: green guy.
So, nobody seemed surprised I ordered my Model S :-))

First of all, there's another category that you are missing: 4. Wanting to reduce our dependence on foreign oil (emphasis on foreign, as opposed to oil, which falls under Green), as well as the related "Made in the USA." From what I've read on here, that is a major motivation for many people, and for some it is the single most important factor. For me, you can put me down for a 1, 2 & 4.

I'm not really a big car lover, although I have an awareness of what's out there. My Model S replaced a Land Rover Discovery, and my wife still has a Range Rover, which I'm hoping to get her to replace with a Model X...Initially, she was very skeptical of the Model S, but she's become a big advocate: Just yesterday, a client of ours asked me about my car, and before I could say anything, my wife started answering the questions! She ended by saying "This car is the FUTURE!" Couldn't have said it better myself ;)

I am doing it for my own personal freedom. I will have more options with the S. I can buy a natural gas generator or get some PV's or some other way to get power into the S if I don't like the way the electric company is doing it.

It is obvious that the oil companies have the advantage and really who among us believes at this point that oil is subject to free market forces. The S changes everything, even for ICE drivers.

Put me down for 2 & 4.

Jack of all trades here...
Car lover, my dad worked in automotive industry
Currently have 69 firebird convertible, few creature comforts but fun manual transmission !

Part tech guy, first at work to have a PDA, the original handspring , pre palm pilot....

Part economist.... Sick of spending $100 week on my commute, rather spend it on performance and cutting edge technology. I'll save about $5000 a year and that's before I look into solar options!

Proud American... Always prefer to by USA!

And atlas, Part midlife crisis.

All three:

1. Developer of patent for green construction method using engineered wood products.
2. Last car was Mercedes E55 AMG and car before that was a BMW M3, both naturally aspirated.
3. Lover of all things technical. Card carrying nerd.

The Model S is sublime.