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web site timeouts?

It seems that someone has suddenly set timeouts for the web site. This is pretty much the final straw for me... you don't fix any of the oft-reported issues like the multi-page thread problems, but now you force me to log in again daily? There is a level of inconvenience up with which I will not put. I think I'm out of here.


I won't say "I'm out of here" ... but, yes, the inconvenience to re-login is a tad ... inconvenient. :-(

How long timeout that is? I haven't noticed it yet, but OTOH I have FF with saved password for this site. Makes logging in much more convenient.

I am using IE8. Seems to happen every 1-2 days. Never saw that problem before over the course of a couple+ years (old site and new), except in unusual circumstances precipitated by a rare crash of IE (and even then not always), or intentionally cleaning up cookies or the like.

The multi-page issue is partly fixed; there's now a jump table at the top of the page. It still kills the "new" flag for the whole thing as soon as you get there though; those shouldn't go till you leave the specific page where they occur.