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Vampire loss fix in 5.8 not working for me :(

Still losing 8-10 miles a day. My car normally charges to 183 (M60) when I get home from work in the evening. By morning it is always down to the mid 170s. Parking at work for 10 hours it loses another 5-8. Energy Saving mode is set and I do notice a slow startup on the dash and 17 screen. Anyone else having vampire loss issue with 5.8?

No, not seeing that.

Try turning Energy Saving off/on?
Try rebooting both LCD and dash after that?

Try turning off the WiFi. We tried that and see a diff over one day but need to check further.

Have you rebooted after installing 5.8?

Also, the car may be doing what it needs to do to maintain the pack temps if you are in an extreme climate.

Call Ownership and see if they think it is normal for your situation. Maybe they can push you a another 5.8 just in case it had a problem during the download. They'll probably want to get an idea about the temps in your garage and where you park.

Where are you located? I saw high drain on 5.6 in MA (7 rated miles in 9 hours one day, 6 rated miles in 4 hours another day). My local service center said it was temperature-related, both in range calculation and in maintenance of battery temperature. That makes sense given that in both cases (charge and let it sit, drive to work and let it sit) the battery has gone from warm to cold. I have also seen the car sit unplugged for a while after already cooled, and it lost zero miles of ideal range overnight. I do wish they'd tell you in the manual what to expect, though, or give you an un-doctored state of charge reading. These are totally undocumented behaviors.

I´ve got the exact same issue, also a S60... I have read a couple of other S60-owners reporting the same. Could this be a battery-pack-related issue?? My loss is about 1 mile per hour.

Definitely not working for me even in the 55 degree garage. The key fob is usually far away from the car (60 kWh).

I've raised this before and not gotten any feedback, but does having the alarm activated affect vampire loss to any significant degree?

Thanks for the feedback. Could be the temperature. Chilly in Oregon with high of 50 during the day and the same at night in my garage. Will try a reset and track for a while and report back.

So, I just did a quick test with my P85. When I unplugged it 48 hours ago it showed 230 rated miles. After two full days (48 hours) I am down to 224 miles - I lost 3 miles a day - that's phenomenal compared to 4.5.

I am on 5.8, car was parked in the garage and temp was in the high 50s.

I'm on 5.8 and last night about 5pm I had 178 miles of range. This morning at 8am I had 177 miles, so I lost 1 mile in about 15 hours.

> I'm on 5.8 and last night about 5pm I had 178 miles of range. This morning at 8am I had 177 miles, so I lost 1 mile in about 15 hours.

edit : It was parked in the garage the whole time. This morning the Tesla app said the interior temperature was 70 degrees, but it was probably in the low to mid 60s inside the garage.

There´s definately something fishy here! Any other S60 owners experience the same? Please do report as many as possible as I will probably forward this exact thread to my service-center... What I do need is as many S60 owners as possible reporting on vampire loss at 5.6 or 5.8, as we already know the issue seems to be solved on the S85s.

S60 on 5.8, left a warm garage this morning with 177 rated miles. Drove 23 miles with heater and seat heaters on and made two short stops and consumed 24 miles of range.
Parked for five hours in 30 degree weather and lost 16 miles!
All started last week after moving from 4.5
Also, on an unrelated note, I noticed the animation has disappeared from the "about Tesla" button.

Doesn't sound like this is the situation here, but pinging the car with the app will wake the car from sleep mode. My assumption is that if the car is not in sleep mode, it will still have vampire drain.

Animation is on the charging screen now.

S60 here, same thing losing about 1 mile per hour

S60 here, lost about 6 miles in 8 hrs of parking with 5.8. Temp around 55F

5.8 was not working for me either. I was losing 1 mile of range every hour. But after re-booting as NKYTA and ampedrealtor recommended, I have lost only 5 miles of range in a 12 hour period. Not great, but it is better.

There is a thread over at TMC forums regarding 5.8 which states that it's best to reboot your console after installing the update. Some owners' creep and regen settings mysteriously changed even though the controls showed differently, and a reboot restored proper functionality.

I found that rebooting restored full regen and fixed a problem with the NAV system not working at all in 5.8. Seems like these recurring glitches would be found before uploading.

S60. left at airport in covered parking in Burbank with 123 miles. Returned after 60 hours with 110

So after getting the 5.6 update I set up my Wi-Fi connection with no problem. Hardly any time goes by and I get the 5.8 update. Now I keep getting the nag screen to set up the Wi-Fi but it's already set up! It even shows a green check mark next to my network. How do I get the nag screen to permanently go away?

5.8 may not be set up right for 60s. Any 85s that still have vampire losses?

I lost 10 last night, car is parked outside. I have already called Tesla, they say that is normal. I only lost a few miles the other night and it was colder so I am not sure what's up with that.

Forgot to add that I am on Portland.

My 1 mile loss in 15 hours was with 5.8 on a P85, parked in the garage with average temperature in the 60s.

S60...5.8 working great for me for vampire loss...down to < 5 mi per day of loss, except when the temp drops a ton overnight, but those aren't actual losses, just recalculating of range due to temp.c at is at the airport again and at 5-7 miles of loss (total) after 2 days.

Thanks guys; my "data" thus far seems to be:

S60 5.8 0,8-1 mile / hour @ 50s+
S60 5.8 TeslaOR: about 1 mile / hour @ ??
S60 5.?? ssarker: about 1? mile / hour @ ??
S60 5.8 wayne@auburnwat: about 2 miles / hour @ 30s
S60 5.? about 1 mile / hour @ ??
S60 5.? iknowli: about 0,8 mile / hour @ 55s
S60 5.? mbcaffe: about 0,2 mile / hour @ ??
S60 5.8 riceuguy: insignificant loss / hour @ ??

Only S60 owner thus far reporting no loss is riceuguy. What average temperature, riceuguy?

As for the S/P85s, the drain-issue seems to have been solved...