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for tall people?

I've reserved a model S, but am concerned it may not work out.

I'm 6'1", but seem to have a long torso. Have found that most sedans do not fit me when sitting upright. When I meet people in my situation, they almost universally have purchased or strongly considered the VW Passat. Per the FAQ, Tesla seems to be concerned that the vehicle will be tall enough, so I wonder if Tesla has considered using the Passat as a benchmark, to assure that it will be comfortable for taller people. Anyone have an info on passenger compartment design ?


I think this question can only really be answered by test driving the actual (not yet available) production model. Yet, there has been some discussion on this topic before:

I seriously doubt you'll have a problem at 6'1" in the Model S but the only way to know is to drive the beta version when it's available since that shouldn't be any different than the production model (in terms of size). I wouldn't cancel your reservation until you get a chance to drive one.

Old thread, I know - but at 6'4 and long-torsoe'd - I can tell you for 100% certainty I did not fit into the Model S. Honestly it wasn't close. I got about 3/4 of the way into the seat, and found myself wedged between the opening, the seat, and the steering wheel.

Elon is a genius in my opinion - but the S might just stand for "Short" :) ..Hoping the X is long-torso-friendly.

Was it a PANO top? They are taller. I fit and I'm 6' tall and 6' round.

Tight fight for me (6'2+") and probably not possible without the sun roof option, which gave me the perfect excuse to get it :) I was surprised how low the roof is in this car. Haven't had my hair touch the ceiling since my 70's Fiat! With the pano-roof, no issues and no claustrophobia feeling on the test drive. If you are tall, be sure to drive one with it, and be extra sure to try one without if you don't plan on getting the sun roof.

I'm not even tall...5'9 but a big guy...and it's bizarre, but I can get in and out of the driver's seat no problem, but I have a struggle getting into the passenger side, no matter how the seat is set. Luckily I drive it most of the time so it doesn't really matter. Strange, I know.

No problem at all for this 6'1 guy. No pano roof either. Back seat? it is tight there.

I'm 6'3" and I test drove the S85 with pano roof and had no issues at all. Took the car for about an hour test drive and not once did my head hit the roof or did I feel uncomfortable.
I will be ordering my S85 with pano soon.


6'4" here. I've had my P85 for four months and love it! With the pano roof there is absolutely no headroom issues. Would I like the seat to go a little further back?...sure, but headroom is no problem. And without the center console I have no issues with legroom. You should be fine at 6'1". Order and enjoy!

I am 6'-4" and do not have any issues in the front seats. Taller people will appreciate the extra head room in the rear that the Pano Roof offers....

It is a little hard for taller drivers to get in and out of the car in my opinion...

I'm 6'3", own a Model S without a pano roof and fit fine in the driver's seat. My hair brushes up against the roof if I sit in the back so I make a point of never sitting in the back (more fun to drive than to be a passenger) and I've instructed by boys to stop growing when they reach 6'3" but they won't listen to me. I'll just get new kids when my boys outgrow my Model S.

I'm 6'3 and do not have the pano roof. No problems at all.

ktrivedi70. Me too. (and no, I'm not talking about a Mustang).

I am 6'4 with long torso (34" inseam). When I test drove a Model S with the panoramic roof, there was adequate head room in the front seats, without having to recline significantly. Upward visibility was restricted; if I was the first car in line at a traffic light I had to lean way forward over the steering wheel in order to see the traffic light. Second in line was still awkward, 3rd in line was fine.

There was just barely enough headroom clearance in the back seat, definitely felt too tight for me to ride for any length of time. A big bump would likely cause my head to hit the roof. But I wouldn't expect to ride in the back ever.

BTW there are very few sedans I can sit in comfortably, so I consider the Model S a pretty good fit, and I would purchase one (with panoramic roof only) without any concern about head room. There are even a number of CUVs I don't fit in at all.

I'm hoping the Model X improves this, for the front and second rows. I don't need to fit in the 3rd row. I don't expect I will fit in the Model III.

I'm similar to the OP - 6'1", 32" inseam. Driver's seat is fine (w/ or w/out Pano). Rear is "snug", but better w/ the Pano.

6'8" (200 cm) with 36" inseam Pano roof, no huge issue with my P85, but I would love to sit about 2 inches lower for better visibility through the top of the windshield. Foot position also needs to change a little. 6'1 should not be a problem at all.

6'5" here with a 34" inseam and a Pano roof. No problems with head room but agree that I too would like to sit just a little lower.

I'm 6' 6", had my model S for a year now and found it amazingly comfortable. I think the pano roof helps a lot with headroom. Plenty of leg room.

Wow! I can really look up to all of you!

6'2", 32" inseam. First thing I check out on a new car in the showroom is side and rear visibility, second is headroom.

With the pano option, I have as much headroom as in our Lexus 430. No problem at all. Without pano, it was as tight as most other cars.

The rear seats require slouching down to get headroom.

I'am 6"1 Too and have no problem but I do have the pano roof, I must admit that my 2012 Prius does have more room, but when you floor that little pedal to the right of the brake the Prius does almost nothing but the Tesla P85 just makes me smile

I'm 6'4" and it is extremely comfortable with plenty of headroom, and I do not have the sunroof, which has even more headroom.

That"s the front seat. I can't sit in the back. Doubt if anyone over 6' can.

I'm 6'6" and have no problem getting out of my model S. I must say though who ever sits in the back behind me will find it tight.


I'm 6'3" and in the model with the standard roof, no problems. The pano roof gives you about an extra 1.5" of clearance. The best advice is to take a test drive and see what it's like in real world conditions.

6'4" here and had no problem in the front seat with regular roof. Back sets was a bit tight on headroom for me with the regular roof but it ended up getting pano roof and found no issues at all in front and back with pano.

6'3", pano roof, very comfortable, have not felt cramped or close to the roof. Test drive it, buy it, never look back...

I am 6'6", 36" inseam, pano roof, and have no problem in either the front or back seat (as long as my much shorter wife is driving). At least with my original textile seats, lowering the driver's seat to the lowest end of the range greatly improves headroom and legroom. I take it all the way down and then back up a bit. All the way back is not all the way back unless you also lower the seats.

6'2", no pano, no problem in the front. Never sit in the back, but my hair brushes slightly w/o slouching. If I'm in the back, I'm probably laying down sleeping anyway.

6'5", 36" inseam, no pano. Absolutely no issues in the driver's seat, lots more room than the old Lexus RX 330 both for legs and head. Backseat is unusable for me but I'm never in it.

Heh. Try getting into the driver's seat without touching the steering wheel, or with your hands in your pockets. That'll learn ya. ;)