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Supercharger Locations

Since the announcement of Superchargers on Sept. 25, I've not seen any mention anywhere about detailed plans or installations of Supercharger stations outside the first few that are still prominent on the web site.

In the Motor Trend announcement they were talking about Milford Ct. and Wilmington DE. Did those happen?

It's time to start thinking about 2013 vacation plans and it'd be nice to know if the East Coast will have stations (or anywhere else for that matter).

I think, in the next step they'll unveal more than just a handfull of superchargers...
how long does it need to build up this station? A couple days? Maybe there comes a X-mas-Reveal ...

Waiting on that info as well. I just watched the Supercharger announcement event and it looks like there will be an additional Southern California location south of L.A. I'm thinking it'll be in the Carlsbad area (outlets there). Hope they bring these new ones out sooner than later.

I think a supercharger on the 395 on the way to Mammoth would be awesome. If enough people ask for one, maybe Tesla will install one on the 395.

@tranhv -- I would definitely vote for a supercharger on the 395. I'm thinking either Ridgecrest or Lone Pine would work just fine.

I've always been curious about a mystery dot that seems to appear on the 2 year map that Elon showed in the supercharger announcement. It's considerably North of Barstow in the desert. If those dots were real, then Tesla may already be considering 395.

Tesla - if you're listening, you can book a Model X order (to add to my Model S) if you can add that one supercharger! That's a fair trade, right?

If not, I may have to look at Volvo's XC60 plug-in for my next ski car.

Wouldn't be a good idea for Tesla to partner with some sort of restaurant chain and have them install chargers in the parking lot?? That way we could recharge our car and our bellies....

The supercharger 2 year map actually had 2 dots that looked like they were on 395.

The dots that interested me were the ones that looked like San Luis Obispo and Merced. One makes trips to Santa Barbara doable from the Bay Area and the other opens up Yosemite. It will be interesting to see when we get the first announcement of new stations.

@gregv64 Yup, I'm looking forward to one near SLO. My brother lives there and that would
make trips from San Jose to there much easier. Not to mention the possibility of the much
prettier (but longer) trip to LA down the 101.

We need East coast chargers before any more in CA

The dots on the map were basically random. They don't necessarily correspond with any actual SC locations.

Does anybody know the exact location of each station on 2 years map? And also why Florida has only 3 stations through the whole state?

I'd love the see one in the San Francisco Bay area. I have a vacation home 100 miles north of SF on the coast. Driving north from Los Angeles, I'm covered to San Francisco. Then what?

I agree with rallykeeper. If Tesla builds a supercharger on the 395 I will get the AWD Model X for my ski trips.

We drive the 395 a couple of times each summer for backpacking. I recommend Bishop or Lone Pine and Lancaster.

Tesla has said not to take the locations of the dots too literally! Also, note that they have also said that stations are prioritized in part based on the location of reservation-holders.

@Jinglehyme: Sea Ranch? We drove our Model S there from SF for Thanksgiving. Both Folsom and Gilroy are about 180 miles from Sea Ranch, so it's doable with an 85wkh.

I know we are not supposed to take the dots literally but, further inspection of their 2013 supercharger map does indeed put the two dots northwest of Barstow at exactly Ridgecrest and Lone Pine/Independence.

Looks like there might be some skiers working at Tesla.

@mrspagetti - I disagree. I didn't look at the rest of the country, but the dots in California and nearby states corresponded exactly with where I would expect them to be located (as well as some of the dots being in the locations of the current chargers).

So, I'm not saying they're not accurate (frankly they do correspond to some pretty obvious choices of where they should go!), I'm just saying Tesla has said not to read too much into it (my guess is that they haven't secured all of the necessary land, permits, etc. so they don't want to get anyone's hopes up!

I hope that somebody (Tesla would be best) puts up a website with the following for each Supercharger station

a) very detailed instructions on how to find the supercharger... some have commented that it is not obvious for certain stations from Google Maps

b) current data on how many charging lines are operational... some have commented that only one 'slot' was open. When I was at SpaceX near LA a week ago, there were 4 slots but only two were operational

c) if the stations start getting significant use, there needs to be a reservation system or else you could wind up spending extra hours waiting for a slot to open, defeating the whole purpose of them

@Lou in SoCal : Where exactly did you see a dot near Carlsbad? In the supercharger announcement video?
If that is true I don't need the twin chargers or the high volume home charger!

The solution to lineups is more outlets, not scheduling. No need to deal with that dog's breakfast of conflicts and bureaucracy and complications.

Hellllooooooo. East Coast here!

Need a SC in Palm Springs area and/or somewhere in the Blythe/Quartzsite, AZ area to allow for travel to/from Phoenix and California. Because the route from Palm Springs to Phoenix is basically just desert, there are no alternatives for charging, other than spending the night at an RV park. On the video, they showed the map of the current supercharger locations then immediately after showed the 2013 map. In comparing the two, there is a dot between the L.A. (Hawthorne) location and the Mexico border.

Just putting 2 and 2 together, SD wouldn't make much sense since it's too far south and OC is only 50 miles from Hawthorne. I figured Carlsbad since there are outlet stores there. OC could still be the spot though since I'm sure there are going to be a lot of Tesla's here as evidenced by the service center in Costa Mesa. Really, it could be anywhere but based on the map, I'm just glad there will be one south of L.A.

TESLA Supercharger

I reserved before Superchargers were announced. Based on driving history I expected to order a 40kwh S and keep one of our gasoline fed cars for long distance driving. If the roll-out plan for Superchargers includes reasonable timing for routes we frequent, I hope to upgrade to 60kwh on configuration date. So TESLA, please,let's hear soon, specifically, where and when Superchargers will be located. Thanks!

East Coast customers!!!!!! Do you need any stations? I see that California cares about it 10 times more than any other states. We need stations from Miami to New York as bad as you from Mexican border to Sacramento.

ylyubarsky, cool down man :) Tesla is working on it, they already said that next SCs will be on east coast...

Well, I could say Europe need them too, but everything has its time, first things first... EU prices -> EU deliveries -> EU superchargers...

NC to Miami and New York would be great!

Of course my selfish midwest vote would be for an SC on some cheap little corner of cornfield between St Louis & Chicago (300mi), since I make that drive about every month. Would be a much nicer drive in the S! Second vote would be between St Louis & Nashville (also 300mi). There's a nice rest stop w/ a lake (Rend Lake) to gaze out upon for ~1hr & let the dog (& me) stretch his legs. Seems like we are (& should continue to be) suggesting SC locations at midpoints between ~300mi-apart destinations. Plugging into a level 2 while staying at those destinations.

When I did a map overlay, it looked like there were going to be two Superchargers on the way to Mammoth. One in MOJAVE (which works well if you are coming south from charging at Tejon Ranch. The next important charging station looks like LONE PINE ~120 miles from Mojave. I don't think it will be as far as Bishop, since that would put you almost 172 miles from Mojave and the sweet spot is 120-150 miles.