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Post Get Amped

Ok, now that the Get Amped tour is done, what happens to those who are still waiting for a test drive?

We received a test drive for Seattle event (I think). And, of course, we decided against going from Boston to Seattle for a 10 minute drive. Instead, we decided to wait for an event in the area.

So, what next? Does anyone know how we can get a test drive?


The Tesla stores will have one or two cars available for test drives.


I've asked the Westchester county NY store to consider loaning out a car to New England (Boston) so reservation holders that have been unable to make the trip can participate. They expect to get a car for test drives around September. For some up here it looks like their first test drive will be upon delivery!


That is a good move. But, isn't the Natick store still in limbo? I haven't heard anything about any progress being made here. So, test driving in the Boston area might have to wait till after this issue is resolved.

By the way, if we can request test drives in Tesla stores, then we might consider driving to NY. My wife is very adamant about waiting till after the test drive before deciding about the purchase.

~ Prash.

Looks like Tesla is hiring for the Natick store. Found these on craigslist.

Jul 27 - Tesla- Assistant Store Manager - (Natick Mall) marketing/advertising/PR

Jul 27 - Tesla- Assistant Store Manager - (Natick Mall) retail/wholesale

Jul 27 - Tesla- Product Specialist - (Natick Mall) marketing/advertising/PR

Jul 27 - Tesla- Product Specialist - (Natick Mall) retail/wholesale

I have also heard from reps at the Tesla store that later this year they will be able to offer more test drives including test drives to non-reservation holders, but that's not official information, so take that with a grain of salt.

If they keep on track with their production goals, I think that sounds reasonable by the end of the year. They only need a few dozen extra cars to have one demo for every store.

Ja, a dozen here and half-a-dozen in Urp would make a big difference. Almost inevitable.

I agree test drives would be nice, but until Tesla can actually produce and deliver new orders within a three to four months time frame, they are pretty pointless. Except for reservation holders whose cars will indeed be delivered in the next three to four months.

There are many 'owners' who couldn't make the Amped events (5,150 test drives vs. 13,000 reservations). And as production accelerates, more and more of those will be faced with taking delivery of a car they've never driven. I think it was pilot??? who said his wife forbids! E.g.

Brian H, just to be sure, you did read the second sentence of my post?

Don't get me wrong, I'm itching for a test drive! I'm #P3 in Germany and couldn't make it for the Get Amped tour (I wasn't even invited, but that did not come as a surprise given the travel distance). Of course I'd gladly take a test drive yesterday, but all told it doesn't help me any more than test driving just before finalizing my order. Actually, a later test drive will give me a more refined car to drive, that is closer to the car I will actually buy, than the cars that are currently around for test drives. Also, many questions will have been clarified by then, and other questions that I don't know about yet will have become important and I'll want to ask them during the test drive.

So while I want my car yesterday, and a test drive the day before that, I cannot have it. And since I can have my car only some time well into 2013, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that I will only test drive around or after new year.

At this point I'm tempted to repeat the first sentence of my above post, in order to prevent someone else from saying exactly that as if I was missing a point here. But I don't because I'm not. ;-)

+1 Volker, I feel the same way.
It is like mood swings between lust/desire and realistic judgement.

I was unable to get a test drive during the Get Amped tour but I am going to be in Denver mid-October. So I contacted the Tesla store in Denver last week to ask about seeing a non-beta Medel S and the ability test drive one. The rep there said they would be recieving a car for test drives in September and I should be able to get a test drive. I assume this is going to be the case for most of the stores. Needless to say, I can not wait until October now!

To enhance or squelch your irrational lust ...

@Volker.Berlin I'm supposed to be getting my Blue MSP in November. Come to Philly, spend a few days and you can play with my new MSP! Heck, we even have lots of extra room if you would like to stay with us. I've really enjoyed reading all your posts. You're a great resource here and at TMC.

John56, appreciate it! Unlikely I'll be able to make it, but lets get into contact. Can you send me a private message over at TMC? I've got the same handle there.

I finally got a test drive last weekend. After a " taste of the forbidden fruit" the remaining wait will be even more agonizing! So beware!

I spoke to the sales folks at the Menlo Park store and they also want to get a test drive unit in to give the significant others a chance to test drive the Model S as they couldn't at the events. Expected to have a full time car for test drives by the end of September she told me.

My understanding is that the Amped cars will return to the factory , have their data down/uploaded, get cleaned up and then returned to the stores, one per store, for demos, Time frame is ?SOON?. Don't know if that time is measured in hours or weeks.

Let's compromise: days!

... give the significant others a chance to test drive ...

That is awesome.

Probably a longer drive than your insignificant self got!


@jpespisa, it is good to know that they are hiring for the Natick store. So things are moving forward here. Goody!

@Brian, well my test drive was exactly 0 minutes long (haven't had a chance yet). So, any test drive that my significant other does is definitely longer than my insignificant self. Oh well.

~ Prash.

The Tesla Store at Santana Row now has test drives for non-reservation holders.

@Schlermie, what is the process, do you know? As I would like my wife to get a test drive as well!

They said to come down to book an appointment. Why don't you give them a call? (408) 249-2815

Thanks Michael23, I in fact did give them a call.

@Schlermie, I called the Santana Row store and they are ONLY scheduling test drives for Reservation holders who HAVE NOT test driven the Model S yet. However the Menlo Park Store has a car and they have more flexibility if you don't mind taking a Model S for a test drive during the week as you can imagine the weekends are already pretty booked up. Their number is: (650) 681-5800


@prash, @ jpespisa

Would like to discuss the Natick MA store and issues relating to early reservation holders in MA (taxes, insurance, weather!). There is a MA state topic buried in the "Other" section under Clubs which is poorly visible. Is there a way to bring this out to the top level or start a new Massachusetts topic under the Club heading that will simplify recognition of new posts and increase participation? Does Tesla have control over these top level topics? Thanks

Menlo has one non-performance white demo. I am not sure of the process to make a reservation to drive it. Best just call them as suggested. I would love my wife to drive one while we wait so she can get as excited as I am. She loved the amp drive from the back seat, yelling " Punch it again, punch it again!" I am blessed.

@mitrabbit, lucky guy... :) I scheduled a drive for my wife for tomorrow at 5:30pm by calling them. The car goes off at times for one reason or another so make a call and schedule it in!!


I never bothered to drill down into the other section. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  Unfortunately I don't have clue how to bring the MA topic up a level. I assume it's under the control of Tesla admin. But now that I know it's there I'll start checking it regularly.

Fyi - Just visited the TM store in Santana Row. Rep told me they have 2 test drive cars for people 'ready to make a reservation' but want the test drive to be certain. I would imagine that includes almost everyone except reservation holders who have already had a test drive.

He said they are trying to keep this option on the dl so they don't get tons of calls. Apparently MP and Santana Row are the only two with scheduling ability right now.