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Performance Interior

I just received an email from TMC saying that the full array of interior options will be available to the performance model. I haven't checked the options page yet to see if that change is reflected.

Yep, the options page is changed.

Very interesting...

Excellent. While I like the look of carbon fiber, I think it is already very dated - especially for an interior. Hope I don't get more tickets!

in the option list, I don't see cruise control, heateed external mirrors, memory seats.
is this just so obvious or ... ?

I wouldn't assume anything Jean, maybe they haven't indicated every detail specifically but it's still good to ask the questions!!

Jean PierreD, BYT,

Some features have in fact been confirmed. Cruise control (non-adaptive) will come standard, see my post from Jan 19 here:

Memory seats will definitely be available, look for the description of the key fob on this page:

Since "automatic keyless entry" (proximity-sensing) is part of the optional Tech Package (as opposed to keyless entry with a button on the key fob, which comes standard), I'd assume that memory seats may also be part of the Tech Package -- but that's pure speculation.

Similar with heated mirrors: The optional Tech Package offers "electrochromatic side mirrors". I wouldn't be surprised if those had heating and the standard ones didn't -- but again, pure speculation.

Posted HERE
The 8-way seats with include: forward/backward, height adjustment up/down, reclining backwards/forwards and forward/backward angle of the seat. The 12-way adjustable seat will add lumbar support lower/higher and in/out. Upgrading to the Nappa leather with 12-way will also add memory functions and seat heaters.

Robert.Boston, right there it was! I knew I read somewhere that memory functions only were available with leather seats, but since I couldn't locate the source I didn't trust my own memory. Thanks!