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Panoramic Sun Roof

I own a 2008 BMW 535ixt Wagon. It is a great car but, it will be sold mid 2013 when my Model S arrives. I have been experiencing a serious problem that BMW wants to ignore. The tubes which drain the panoramic sum roof periodically plug up and water finds its way into the right rear area whee the battery and other sensitive electrical equipment is located. It has cost very significant money to replace these electronics when they get wet. My purpose in writing this is in the hope that Tesla can solve this potential problem with the Model S. The Tesla Model S has lots of electronics. I hope it is not located in areas that might get wet.

Tesla drowns every car to ensure water tightness of the roof. No one knows what long-term problems will happen, but the maintenance contract covers everything but tires, so it won't cost money to fix--at least, not money that you haven't already spent.

jerry3, provided the problem occurs within the first four years.


Which is when I'd expect most problems (that weren't recall problems) to occur. It would be great if Telsa either had the maintenance for eight years or if they announced what the next four years were to be.

Heh. Give them at least one year of experience and data to base it on!!