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Official Model X Paint Colors?

Curious if anyone could provide a list of colors anticipated to be available on the Model X. I've seen what looks like a new metallic green color, and hoping it's not just for show.

Also curious if Tesla plans to offer alternative (pantone-matching) custom colors?
Would be awesome to update off Herald Ford's quote, "Our customers can have a Model X painted any color that she or he wants so long as it is (blank)."

Maybe (probably) the new line includes another paint center. Don't know what the throughput capacity of one is, but seems likely necessary for the doubled+ volume.

I would love to be able to pick a good color. Too many beige and grey cars on the road. They blend in with the road and cement so I've had near misses because of the color - or lack of color.

Remember, there's always the option of a wrapped car in pretty much any color, or combination thereof that you might like. Naturally, as long as it is available in RED I'll be happy. ;-)