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How has your driving changed since you got your Tesla?


Week 1: initially nervous, then forceful stomping of the accelerator resulting in gleeful giggles from fellow passengers, and the grin on your face. Fast turns on all kinds of roads.
Week 2: accepting racing challenges from various other cars, and winning a few, while feeling nervous and excited the same time ( looking for cops, perhaps first time in years)
Getting used to curious onlookers, giving lengthy, patient explanations of what your car is, and thumbs up signs from other Tesla owners you encounter.
still driving fast all the time.
Week 3: mellowing down, promising yourself no more racing, and trying to see if you can keep the wh/mile below 300, realizing the car is very rewarding when driven slow as well (less road noise, more calm at the end of the journey)

That's all from me so far!

I enjoy driving again (In spite of some very nice ICE cars-- It's been a long time).

I am in that "week 3" phase of yours :) Been trying to use the least amount of energy to goto work, and trying to perfect the art of regen breaking/costing to stop signs or stop lights without touching the breaks til the very end.

I love not touching the brakes!!

I don't know fellas, I feel this is the way cars should have been made. From the beginning. You know?

It somehow feels more natural to drive with regen, nevermind what some reviewers have said about regen.

agree redshift. we've been doing it all wrong for the past 100 years. this car is a joy to drive. i evolved in a reverse fashion. i started off trying to maximize range. now i find myself stomping the accelerator all the time. i'm 47 years old but when i pull up to a red traffic light i turn into a 13 year old kid. i fly out in front of everybody and start giggling uncontrollably. it's really quite embarrassing.

agree that this is the way a car is supposed to drive.
Love regen, rarely use brakes
just now focusing on efficiency and getting below 300 wh/m
when i see a spot i want to be in, i can be there almost immediatly, could not do that before
amazing car, when gen3 comes out, then everyone will know what a car should drive like

Just got mine today. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! My love affair with ICE cars is over. I drive like the "old fart" that I am and the distance travelled exceeds the rated miles drop. May eventually go for a new EV distance travelled on a single charge record.

I've been driving Prius followed by Plug in Prius for years, constantly monitoring mpg, feathering the gas pedal, cringing when the ICE starts up. Now I'm like a teenager, stomping on the accelerator, whipping through turns, looking out for cops. I love it! The urge for conservation will take hold again at some point, but for now I'm enjoying the irresponsibility.

Week 24 (roughly 6 months since September 2012 delivery).
What I think is cool is that at first it was like,"Gee.. What a great amazing car.... for an electric car". Now it's simply, "Gee, what an amazing car"..... Period. Now I don't even think about that is electric, or that it's "lesser" in some way.... That in some way it has to make up for some short-coming for not being a normal ICE car. I now longer compare it to an ICE.... And frankly, there is NO comparison.
Now I rarely think about it.
This is a testament to Tesla Motors. Soon, I hope, driving a Tesla, or some other EV will be the norm.
I, and the earth, can't wait to see that day.
Thanks, Tesla!

Thomas: agreed, this is a great CAR. Period.

This was how humans were supposed to travel. Soaking up rough patches to cocoon you in luxurious comfort, yet daring you to drive faster through the sweeping curves. Silent, efficient, clean, fast, and a great driving car.

Thanks Elon for having such a big head, ( and ego, from what i have heard ) and rewarding me and a lot of others on here with such a fine means of motoring.

What is the left peddle used for?

I find I have two very distinct driving modes, one for local trips where I couldn't care less about range and can stomp on the accelerator as much as I feel like, and one for long distance trips where it's all about maximizing the range.

Just did a long trip down the East Coast last weekend and was able to beat the rated range by just a mile or so, while still going 65-70 mph. I find there's a sort of sweet spot where you're cruising along at 70 and keeping the power consumption at roughly 20kW, i.e. 20kW/70mph which translates to 286 Wh/mi.

I find both driving modes are fun, just a different kind of fun. And when driving in range mode it's great to know that the "magic carpet ride" acceleration is still there when you need it...

Don't know what you need to peddle, but the left pedal is to start the car and make it come to a complete stop.

Errands are way faster. Get in the car and go, then when you're there, stop the car and get out. My kids call it the Incredible Time Machine.

I am always disappointed when approaching an intersection first and the light doesn't change from green to yellow. Seems like a rarely catch red lights anymore, at least where I'm on the front row. :(

BrianH. Thanks for the correction. I'm glad you are back. After the black banana post I thought Martha Stewart moved to Canada.

@velo1 - True! I always hope to get caught first car at lights now so I can jet off the line!

DR brought up the subject of (green) bananas! /;)

Enhanced calm...
I also realized just how much I HATE warming up oil and coolant. Now I want to run errands where before I dreaded all the mechanical drama. It also does not heat up the garage (in FL so heat is bad) when I get home:)

My wife also commented that I am most eager to run errands for her. Just last week she said we need bread and milk for tomorrow. I volunteered to go to the store. I returned with the milk, and then went back to buy the bread. what fun!

So, question now is: are we going to 2 EVs when gen 3 / X comes out?

( or a competitor shows up , probably less likely )

Also, do you guys realize that the Tesla supercharging network is somewhat akin to the
App ecosystem from Apple? Both are designed to keep you 'in the brand family'?

To those raving about regen, remember that manual transmissions have been around for a very long time and engine braking was the norm. Same effect as regen (though quite a bit noisier).

@JohnQ - As I recall, downshifting didn't put any gas back in the tank. :)

+1 @Velo1

@johnQ ...not at all the same thing. Engine braking just turns the car's motion into wasted heat, except without using the mechanical brakes.
Regen turns car's motion into useful electrical energy, stored in the battery. As DouglasR put it nicely - an ICE with regen - if there were such a thing - would put gasoline back into the tank.

Anyone else put the car in park and instinctively move your hand to turn and remove the phantom key? I laugh at myself each time!

@ RedShift
"Also, do you guys realize that the Tesla supercharging network is somewhat akin to the
App ecosystem from Apple? Both are designed to keep you 'in the brand family'?"

They are designed for providing the best service / product out there. As it is so far better than other solutions, they tend to not be compatible with the rest, and keeping the sheep in the barn is just a side effect (and a pleasant one for those manufacturers).

I look forward to red lights now! If I'm in the front row, I will often "blast off" leaving everyone else blocks behind. However... even when I'm NOT flooring it off the line, I find the other cars just hopelessly distant in my rear view mirror. I constantly ask myself, "Is this car REALLY that fast?", or
is the rest of the world moving in slow motion.

Inevitably, the higher priced models will catch up as I stay at the speed limit, and pass me... as if to say, "See, we can go fast too... eventually!". I smile as I wait for a cop to pull THEM over.

I have figured out how to drive my S. There are laws against speeding, but not against accelerating! When I'm in a 35mph zone, from stop I zoom right up to 35. When on the freeway, if I see an opening ahead, I zoom up into it and then go back to normal speed. A few times a Prius driver has sidled up on the freeway, gawking. I always floor it, leaving it in the dust. I don't know why; a mean streak I guess.

The other night on the 5 freeway in LA, a car came rapidly up from behind, careening around me and continuing on ahead darting around cars and finally making a 3-lane zigzag to an offramp. I recognized the familiar S taillights, and was outraged and sympathetic in the same moment. For his own sake, I hope he gets over it.

-Pasadena, CA

I used to 'tempt' the California highway patrol in an adjacent lane by accelerating to legal speeds very quickly at red lights. It was fun to watch the CHP start to follow me, only for me to go steady at the speed limit.

That was in my BMW.

However, after reading about the thread on 'whether you can get a ticket for accelerating'
I am not do sure I'd want to temp fate. Even though my MS is quite a drag race beast.

Much to my surprise I have found that the favorite part of my drive is the freeway on ramp.