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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

Hey Shawn: I just put down a deposit on a 2009 delivery so at some point I guess I'll be joining ya!

Shawn & Bruce... I saw one of you driving in front of my house a few weeks back. Not sure if my memory serves me correct, but it was a light colored one... White I think. Anyhow, I just pulled the trigger on my Roadster. I was told by the salespeople, that there are 8 in Houston... I might make 9. Haven't checked the map for the latest. I guess I'll be seeing you guys around. Mine isn't expected for delivery until September... "the waiting is the hardest part."

If you see a jet black roadster sport... that's me.

Sadly, the Houston section does not get much activity. 4 posts in 2.5 years.

Well, the Jet Black roadster (#1078) has been here in Houston for a couple months now. I bumped into a Ford GT owner and he told me about Houston Coffee & Cars ( I'm not a real "gear head," so I wasn't sure I'd like it... but I do have some interest in cars. What is kinda cool is that the Tesla commands quite a bit of respect at these meetings. Also what excited me about these meetings is the quantity of cars. I went the past 2 months, and I don't think I've seen all the cars that come out. Over 500 cars come out each time. Many of the local car enthusiast clubs come out... the Ferrari club usually has a row blocked out. Last time (just by coincidence) I parked next to the Honda Insight club. There are other electrics at this meet, but usually modified cars, not production.

Get back to me if you are interested in coming out. It is a fun way to spend a couple hours on Sat morning. I'll save a spot for you if you contact me. PM me at I am 'kgb' there too.

A shout out to the other Houston Tesla owners, as #999 (Electric Blue Roadster Sport 2.5) is roaming the Houston streets. If you happen to catch site of a blue blur, that would be me. :)

I'll go ahead and add some activity to this thread...
...waiting on my Model S here in Houston. Anyone else?

Jason, I'll be happy to join the group when my Model S Signature #964 arrives. I'll be counting the days! :-)

Also, I live off I-10 just West of the Beltway--I'm considering making my charger available to other Tesla owners if I can figure out a good way to do it. Not so useful for Houston Tesla owners, perhaps, but maybe for San Antonio or Austin ones. (I assume they will be making an adapter for Roadster owners.)

I'm in town today to sit in the Model S tomorrow at the Galleria - boy am I pumped!

Model S Signature Performance Reservation #276.

Grats, Tony! You may be the first. I plan to do a few of the Coffee & Cars after my Sig arrives, so maybe we can arrange to have a few together.

P4975. Hey Tony, let us know when you get your email or call from Tesla to configure your S. I'm sure that would be soon if not already been contacted.

Signature #548. Did anyone else attend the Factory tour last October?

Lynn, I'm not sure how far behind Tonybass you'll be but let us know also when you get your configuration email from Tesla and any exciting info. You might actually be making your config. completely online as mentioned in the latest GB blog 05.29.12.

@Lynn005: Yes, I did the second day of the October factory event and really enjoyed it. I would have gone to the Model X launch as well, but I had a work conflict.

The factory visit was a big hit with my son, who will study Engineering in college this fall. I also happened upon the second Tesla store during a recent trip to California. They had the last Roadster made on display, waiting for the owner to pick it up. They also had the (?) Model S beta used for safety testing. It was pretty beat up.

BTW, I recall seeing a "ranger" in River Oaks, near Shepherd. MIght that Roadster owner be one of you?

I got the email at 11:20 CT!
Signature #548

Nice! Since there are no Texas test drives yet planned, I think I'm going to try and do the test drive in White Plains if I can't make it to Fremont.

Congrats Lynn

Actually, I will be in Napa Valley on June 23rd, with a rental car. I would LOVE to do a test drive in Fremont, if that works. I kind of doubt it....

I went ahead and reserved a license plate at It's on a 5-month layaway, so I can pay it off to coincide with the delivery of my car. What did I choose? TXSLA !!

Obeche wood interior in the Signature will be offered in both matte and glossy finishes. Look for update to website in a few days.

Test driving in Fremont on Saturday, June 23rd......

Is anyone from H Town going to be at the D.C test drive event? I figured since none is going to be in Texas for awhile, I might as well head out. I will be signing up for the July 13th date when I get the next email. I declined the one for LA.

I went to the Fremont factory on Saturday for the test drive. The Model S drove even better than I anticipated. The torque was ridiculous and the low center of gravity allows you take curves at very high speeds. The onramp to the Nimitz Hwy was like an S curve -- by the time I entered the freeway I was going faster than the rest of the traffic. It took no time to get used to the accelerator, and the regen braking works like a charm. Part of the route included a very bumpy road. The car was very steady and quiet (even with the radio and A/C turned off). I placed my order for a Signature Performance (yes, I upgraded) in Signature Red this morning. Now the hard part - the WAIT!

Now test drives are coming to Houston and two more TX cities after they make me head out to DC. Oh well, I'll see if I can get another try in Houston.

By the way, Tesla allowed the Houston crew to bring a Model S to the Houston Coffee and Cars event last weekend (4 Aug). I haven't seen any photos yet, but apparently it got a great reception. I look forward to bringing out my car a few times once I get it--hopefully October!

Okay, I looked around and found a few shots from the last Houston C&C:

(Keith Hicks Photography)
20 - Tesla Roadster Black!i=2016409393&k=6ds8Hwc

68 - Tesla Roadster Black - Rear!i=2016438304&k=T83kCKJ

97 - Fisker Karma - Silver!i=2016453851&k=4vkczqf

101 - Tesla Model S - White Performance!i=2016456179&k=4FgtHFs

119 - Fisker Karma - White!i=2016467442&k=hHdMhDd

Also, I've seen the Ford GT (#137 in this set) in person a few times and it is a stunning machine.

(Phamax Productions)
Tesla Model S - White Performance

(A Detailed Perspective)
Tesla Model S - White Performance

I drove the model s this morning at the galleria with the ”get amped” event. I had high expectations and was not disappointed :-)


Glad you had a good time! Are you Houston-based? If so, don't forget to add yourself to the reservation holders world map. There are six of us in the Greater Houston area so far, but I know there are a lot more that haven't registered yet. Texas is on the cusp of passing Florida and Washington to take the second slot for number of reservation holders.

Where is the world map?

At the Get Amped event at the Galleria, I was told they will be opening a service center (this month?) within a mile of the Galleria.

My biggest concern remains driving from Houston to Austin. I make that trip periodically for business - sometimes in one day - and not sure that I can count on using the Model S for those trips.