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First Annual Service

I drive standard 85 kWh Model S with 19” tires and air suspension.

I’ve been too busy, so my first check up is at 17,677 miles after 6 months, instead of 12,000:

Excellent service from Tesla Motors--Costa Mesa, CA.

They gave me a 60 kWh non-tech package loaner and the service took about 1/2 day.
I am not complaining as I am quite pleased that they gave me new wiper blades and new FOB battery in just 6 months :)

Despite of all dead bugs that dug deeply into the nose cone and paint from long distance traveling, Tesla gave an excellent auto detailing of cleaning, polishing and waxing, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail when they returned the car to me.

Very satisfied and very best purchase of a service plan.

Here’s what they did:
1. Tire Pressure Check
2. All fluids fill up.
3. 2nd Row floormat
4. Car wash
5. Performed 1st annual maintenance as per check list

Nut,Hex,M5 (2001156)

6. Tesla Loaner

7. Correction: Rear Axle Nut Washer - LH & RH

(1020296-00-A) 2.00

NUT HF M24x1.5 [8.8] ZnFl-W (1020297-00- A)

8.Reinforcement Clips on LH and RH Rear Window Regulators



9. Front License plate installation.

Model S Annual Servie Check List:

Despite of the first bad batch of 8,000 12 volt batteries, mine is not proactively replaced due to specificity of VIN.

At 17,677 miles, my front tires are still in good shape with 10/32 tread depth. Rear tires are worn out much more to as much as 3/32-7/32 thanks to all those maniac family-and-friend test drivers but they are still fine to be rotated to the front and let them take a break until next service time.


You guys made me curious so I went ahead for free Wheel Alignment which shows there's not much to worry about.

Reference from:




Front Left Tire at 17,677 miles

Front Right Tire at 17,677 miles

Rear Right Tire at 17,677 miles

Rear Left Tire at 17,677 miles

Thanks for sharing, very interesting!

Tam - Didn't see it on the service sheet. Did they run diagnostics on any/all of the electrical and electronic systems? The service plan also calls for a wheel alignment. Did they do that?

"page 1 of 2". What did page 2 show?

I had a ranger out to work on something else and they also did the window regulator fix without prompting. Gotta like that...


What did you think of the comparative driving dynamics of the MS60?

Was the front license plate installation something that you requested? I'm hoping to keep my nosecone intact for a while...

Great info for everyone who has been wanting to know what is involved and whether it is necessary to purchase the service warranty.

@ Tam, thanks for sharing this valuable info!

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the only things that you actually received for the $600 (or $475 w/ pre-paid plan) that weren't already included in the warranty or as due bill items were tire rotations, fluid top-off, check tire pressure, replace wiper blades and visually inspect a bunch of stuff?

@ stevenmaifert: I didn't ask about the electrical/electronic diagnostics. I thought the car would send Tesla any errors and it would notify us. They did offer Wheel Alignment at that time, but I since I drove more than 17,000 miles already and I plan to get another set of tires by the next check up at 24,000 miles anyway, so I thought it was not necessary.

@SamoSam : MS60 is great but I am spoiled by my Production 85 kWh Model S, thus, I do feel MS60's response is not as quick. I noticed its electronic whine very clearly each time I accelerated. You have to have all your ears perked up to notice in mine. MS60 without air suspension was more bumpy and noisy. If you want to save money, it's a perfect fit for your budget though.

@Colasec: Yes- I asked for the front license plate installation because I don't want to be ticketed in California. Very nice Tesla Chrome Plate. It looks nice, I like it!

@ AmpedRealtor : You summarized that very well!