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Delivery Question

I placed my order for the Model S performance on Thursday and I'm beyond excited! Tesla's site started to show "Tesla Factory is building your Model S" this weekend under the status section of the "My Tesla" portion of this site. My question is this: is there any way to view an estimated date of completion/delivery? Also, how long did it take for your Model S to be delivered after you received the same message? Are there any other interesting things you'd like to share about your delivery experience? I'd love to hear them!

When I received by "Tesla Factory is building your Model S" I called and they said it could take up to 90 days from that point. I have not got my car yet...but it looks like it will be closer to 60 days when all is said and done.

Grats on your order! It's a hard wait, to be sure. As soon as you get your 'Delivery Details' button you'll have a date range. When you get your button depends on your configuration. Just do what we all have done- Check that MyGarage page every day!

@pvetesla - Was yours one of the non-performance versions? That's simply too long to wait. Haha. - Hopefully I'll have that button soon! The site estimated a delivery time of one month from the beginning...

@Tanner As others mentioned, you can wait until the delivery button shows up and check the page multiple times a day (as I did). But, you can also call Tesla and ask for your "EOL" date - End of Line. You won't have one yet if you just ordered, but you'll probably get an EOL date or delivery window before you get the delivery e-mail or button. For example, I got my delivery window by calling Tesla at the beginnong on April but didn't get delivery button until April 15th.

Congrats. Other suggestion for passing time is to read this forum like a fanatic.

@tanner mine is "collectors edition" aka 40kwh.

@Pvetesla - The 40kwh is actually the 60kwh with software limitations, right? I read that was the case because they didn't receive enough orders for the 40kwh. Pretty sure you can call in, pay $10,000 at any time and have the extra range of a 60kwh.

@elguapo - Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to call in and check!

I think I finalized around April 10th. I got the delivery button yesterday. The delivery window is May 22- Jun 5. So they've got it down to about 6-8 weeks, in my case.

@stimyg - Lucky! I just called in and I guess my performance Model S has an EOL date of June 10th, not to mention the time it'll take to deliver. Hopefully it'll be sooner than that, especially since it says "delivers in one month"!

@Tanner. Yes. I basically got the 60's performance with the range I needed. If it turns out I need more range....well, like you said, I just pick up the phone.

Perfect scenario for me!

The delivery dates are not reliable. Talking to the Tesla Product Specialist is not very useful, as they are not well briefed on the activities in the factory. My order was placed August 12, 2010, production sequency 2,316, reconfirmed over the years, finally commited for Dec 2012 delivery, 60kW reconfirmed for March, all moneis $89,216 paid ahead of delivery. Eventually Tesla delivered a P85kW VIN:5YJSA1CP0DFP07319 on April 5th, I had to pay $20,339 extra, at the last minute to get a car, vs the 60kW VIN:5YJSA1BG5DFP07544 I ordered. Be patient, the company is in a learning stage on delivery accuracy :)

@stimyg - Did you purchase the P85?

I just got an email that my MS is headed to production with a VIN, it says to go to the MyTesla page and complete the delivery Questionnaire - but I see no such thing on the page. Any thoughts?

call your delivery specialist. if you get through they can activate the button for you.

Just got my delivery button and a window from June11-July 2nd. No vin or end of line info yet.

I received the email Your Model S is Almost Here! and clicked on the Enter Your Delivery Details , red button in the email and filled out questionnaire.
When I logged on to MyTesla I saw the red delivery button ,clicked it and it was inactive.

My delivery button disappeared after I filled out the questionnaire.

I ordered my P85 3/3/13 and received it 5/3/13.

Doh, no edit. I received it 5/10/13

I got an email from Tesla with the red button asking for delivery details. I clicked the red button, but no response. ordered on 5/11/13, red p85. button received on 5/25. any idea? can't wait!

Same here - I received the email yesterday with the "Enter your delivery details" button but when I select the link it just ends up taking me to the "My Garage" section of the the website with no additional options to enter the information they want.

I reserved on 5/10/2013.


Sounds like you guys have to resort to ancient methods of communication . . . give them a call!

I emailed them - it is Memorial Day Weekend after all.

If I don't get a response by Tuesday I'll give them a call. I will say the last time I emailed them with questions I got a call back within a few hours of sending the email.


I also received the "Delivery Details" email without any update to MyTesla. It's a little frustrating, but wholly understandable--I suspect they'll take care of us on Tuesday.

Count me in as one more person who got the delivery email yesterday. Clicking it tries to take you to but that just redirects to I'm guessing their email delivery and the actual backend are slightly out of sync and it'll get sorted out Tuesday.

For background: I placed my order on April 27th and it auto-finalized May 10th. I called at some point between those dates and the gentleman on the phone told me that my car was set to go in to production June 2nd (Sunday?) and that it'd take 5-6 days, after which I could pick up at factory or get it delivered to Portland by mid-June or so.

PS: It's a Red P85, pano, air, tan leather, sound, jump seats, 19" wheels.

My MS went into production on 5/23/13 and I received the "Your Model S is Almost here!" email with the red button for "Enter your Delivery Details" on 5/25/13.

When I click on the button it just takes me to the "My Tesla" page with no link or button to put in delivery details. I'm going to put a call in on Tuesday.

My order is a for a P60, textile seats, solid roof, tech package, 19"wheels

Same here - I received the email yesterday with the "Enter your delivery details" button but when I select the link it just ends up taking me to the "My Garage" section of the the website with no additional options to enter the information they want.

I order the vehicle on 5/22/13. I just replied back with an email since it seems they will be bombarded with calls on Tuesday morning. Maybe I'll get lucky and get an return email. Mine also states it's going into factory production on June 5th. Whats the wait time now-a-days for a S85, pano, 21s, leather seats, tech package? Anyone just receive there car with these similar specs? I'm kinda giddy over here!

I also plan to go to the plant and pickup the vehicle. Anyone on here experience that? Whats the process?

Seems from time to finalization to time of delivery is 6-8 weeks now. Any of us that get a vehicle in that time frame should consider ourselves lucky. many of the early adopters/sig holders waited years.
I suspect that all will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday. Call and email. Sometimes I got a quicker response with one versus the other. Expecting delivery for my own vehicle May 29th. Finalized April 16th.

Ok guys - my Delivery Button appeared this evening on the My Garage Section of the website. I filled out the information requested.

I placed my "reservation" on 5/10/2013 (along with the $5k deposit). My order was "finalized" on 5/23/2013. My estimated delivery to Louisiana is Jun 16 - Jun 30. I am impressed and it seems, based on my reading of message boards and others' experiences, they are improving on delivery times.

My order is for a P85 Performance+, Black, Tech, Studio, Pano Roof.