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Attaching photos to posts

I'm sorry - I know this has been raised before but I cannot find it.

How does a computer illiterate attach a photo to a post EASILY!? Seems like many struggle with this.

Why doesn't the site just allow attachments like other sites? Feels archaic (which is not the Tesla image!)


It is archaic. This is basically blogging site with comment field, not a proper forum. It's exactly same software that they use in their blogs, they just allowed anybody to "blog" here.

Put your pictures in some web site so that it gets a URL and then attach that picture here using HTML. Forgot the exact syntax, but I'm sure Brian H can help. While waiting, google.

That is still Greek to me!

I still can't do it. Isn't there a "how to do this" on YouTube?

Insert the above link you posted where I type URL in the exact HTML code below:

<img src="URL" width="600">

The second attempt failed. I used the same photo, only this time from Flickr. But I did do something wrong.

They mention a More menu (and a Share menu), that's where the URL can be found, but I cannot find those menu's.

I am surely doing something wrong here.

Finally it worked!!!

I think I get now.

Thanks Brian.

Cheers mate

Step 1: Upload your photos to Flickr.

This is the important bit: DO NOT try to copy the URL from the browser bar, or the link to the JPG.

Step 2: Instead, find the share button and click it, find the code that starts with <IMG (not [IMG or anything else) and copy that in here. If you have the option to change the size, make the width no more than 600.


Thanks for sharing one of my sketches, Benz.

Flickr? Google Plus uses Picasa. Here's a link to my Concepts album:

Steps to embedding an image in this forum:
1. Right-click on an image and choose "copy image URL".
2. Type at the end of the URL. The only space should be between "img" and "src".

What I do is resize the window so the image on g+ is an acceptable size first, so I don't have to bother adding a width restriction. In the URL above you see "w588" in there, which is narrow enough:


As Brian H says:

Except, no quotation marks and no spaces necessary except the one between "img" and "src". In my last post my attempt at instructions ended up as a broken image. There were 4 steps.


Don't ask me how Brian H's text comes through, but when I copy & paste it we get a broken image instead.

img src=

IF the code I just separated above doesn't end up as yet another broken image, that's what you use, just all on one line.

What broken images? I see picture in all three of your last messages.

Timo, maybe different browsers will display things differently, I don't know, but in the one I started with "Argh" there is (for me at least, using Chromium) a very large broken image -- and in my first comment in this thread, there is a very small one in place of steps 3 and 4 in my text. Yes I am able to post images, but trying to post code instructions often results in broken images.

Must be browser then. I see three images, one with large red jalapeno with Tesla written over it, one with two smaller ones one green, and one red with text jalapeno under them and one with sketches and clicky pencil business end in middle.

All of those fit into column perfectly. I'm using FF 23.0.1

Inspecting code I see that there should have been some HTML after text "As Brian H says:" ("img width="600" src="URL" /img"with greater than and less than marks in proper places)

also in your message starting with "Thanks for sharing one of my sketches, Benz" there is again missing HTML code after
2. Type
and before
at the end of the URL. The only space should be between "img" and "src".

AFAIK Brian H uses HTML tags "& gt;" and "& lt;" (without space) to display those < >


As Brian H says: <img src="URL" width="600" />

The images I posted display just fine. By 'broken images' I mean the little icons representing an image that cannot be displayed, which show up here in place of my attempts at sharing code.

The gt and lt symbols > and < require & gt; and & lt; without the spaces to display as text.

We shouldn't have to go through all these machinations to include a picture! We should just be able to copy the picture to the forum, just like we can if we want to include a picture in an email. Elon stresses simplicity; why can't this just be simple and straightforward?

Theses forums are clearly very low priority to Tesla. Their pure existence is more than most other car manufacturers offer, so they probably don't see any need to make this actually a proper forum. Instead they did go where it was easiest: they made separate area using their blog software to create place where community can discuss freely.

The field I'm writing right now is blog comment field. Not a follow-up to some message in forum. A much more basic feature that is missing here is ability to reply to some distinct message creating message thread. These are just messages in line, no hierarchy whatsoever.

Just testing...