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40KW Cancelled - Orders to be replaced with 60 KW

Edit: See for an earlier post (can't see how to get rid of this!).

Seems like a April Fools joke, but this seems like it might be true..

Basically, it states 40KW orders will be converted to range limited 60 KW, and the 40 KW model will be killed due to lack of demand. As of this morning, the 40 KW is still an option on the Tesla site.

The March 31st release also indicates all 60 KW models have supercharger hardware installed (although it may still cost $2K to activate).

Q1-13 delivered 4,750 Model S vehicles.

I suggest that you read the other threads here before starting a new one. There is a lot of discussion already underway on this topic.

Just spoke to Tesla.

Cost to upgraded from
* 40kw to 60kw down the road will be $11k
* Cost to upgrade to supercharger down the road will be $2.5k, however you need to have a 60kw to upgrade.

Total cost of upgrading from 40kw to 60kw with supercharing will be $13.5k vs $12k if you order out right