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Would you like your car this year email

P446, just got this email (not sure why you would not want it this year, I already responded yes):


Would you prefer Model S delivery ASAP or in 2013?

Our factory is working day and night to produce Model S. We are now beginning to contact customers who are likely to receive their car during the balance of December. As we do so, we are finding that some customers prefer to wait until 2013 to take delivery. We are fine with that, but want to know it now so we make sure we are focused on producing cars in December that people definitely want to have delivered by the end of the year.

Therefore, we are contacting customers that have a very good possibility of their Model S being available for delivery this year to see if they are ready to take delivery ASAP or if they prefer to wait until 2013. For those owners who are ready to take delivery between now and the end of the year, we will expedite the final steps to produce your car and schedule delivery.

Please let us know your preference right away:

Also, it feels like I must be the lowest reservation number to not have even a delivery estimate on my car. Black, 21" grey, carbon fiber, performance, loaded...

I just got that email myself, and I'm #7294 85kw. Of course chose ASAP!

P2956 (or thereabouts) here with the same email. My only consideration is to ensure that I get my electrician in before delivery, which I would never have believed would be in 2012 based on reservation numbers currently being delivered. December delivery would certainly be a welcome surprise!

Just got that email! The answer is yes!! P2348

The reason some prefer 2013, is so the car will be that year model. Better resale?

Do you think Tesla is trying to pump out as many deliveries to meet a high/good number of deliveries? I would think that is what they are really trying to do, For us investors

I'm sure the tax credit could be effecting some folks if they've already taken large losses, between jobs, etc. it might make sense to shift the credit to next year's taxes where there's still room to give.

Beyond that, quality control can only go up as things start running more smoothly.

I'm slightly skeptical, even if they're up to 200 cars a day (I thought it was 100 last I checked?,) how they could make it up to car 7000+ in 3 weeks, even accounting for cancellations, deferrals, etc.

Here's to hoping!

I would love to have the car sooner, will wait for the 2013 Red. I also expect quality improvements as the production line and supply chain mature.

@pete2212 = There's a lot of discussion on this in the Delivery thread, but the gist is that the e-mails seem to have only gone out to 85kwh configured cars with active air suspension.

There may simply be a lot of 60 and 40 kwh orders below this, or even simply non active air.

I think it could be that they want to have profitability by the end of the year to report, and maybe the way to do it is to make the most expensive versions of the car and shift the rest until the next year?

im in active air, 85KW, P6484.
hope they can deliver before i leave for panama!
this is awesome! great Christmas gift!

I am p172 and I just got my delivery date and VIN yesterday. 12/13 - 12/27. I think I am the lowest reservation to be this late.

#6629. Performance I said yes, but am trying not to get my hopes up too high! From expecting the car in March to talk of December is certainly surprising.

Of course I said Yes--Hope they can do it. Maybe now I can stop checking my email every 30 minutes...not

#5499 here (brown/tan/21”/performance), and I also received the "Would you prefer Model S delivery ASAP or in 2013?" e-mail. I’m opting for 2013 to avoid the rush. I also suspect December delivery means you take delivery at the factory. I've been looking forward to home delivery for so long that I’m sticking to it! (Besides it’ll drive my neighbors nuts!).

I interpret this as their way of saying "we need to optimize cash flow by skipping reservation holders waiting for us to get parts specific to their options/choices only to have them say 'hold off a bit'". Not 100% sure if I'm remembering my conversation correctly but I think res holders can wait as long as a week before delivery to defer/delay deliver. Tesla has to hold inventory(and liability) on their books for each owner who decides to wait until 2013. Inventory costs money, costs kill earnings, bad earnings lead to angry investors, angry investors lead to suffering.

I too got the email. YES! #2286.

I think there are many of us 60kw owners (p3534) that are having to wait until Jan. Some of the later sequence numbers weren't ready with financing and home charging set ups. This is incredibly frustrating for us!

Oops. 2386.

I hate it, but I had to say no, as we have already caught up on our tax payments and would not get any Federal credit in 2012. Had TM asked a month ago, I'd said yes. I was scheduled for Jan/Feb, but with all the deferrals I now fear that will get pushed back further.

they passed 200 long ago (November shareholder call); supposedly at 400 now, but utilizing at least part of a 2nd shift to do it. Each shift will get to 400 'with practice'.

I don't think this is anything sinister to maximize 2012 profits, and the email said nothing about factory pickups only. I think it's more about intelligent production scheduling. There must be enough cancellations, deferrals and folks who want options that won't be available to 2013 that they needed to ask us so they can keep the line at optimum tempo. Possibly GB will have more to add.

#4786 said yes!!!! It is hard to believe the day is getting close. If we are between Christmas and New Year's maybe we will drive up from Orange County for factory delivery.

#6588 (Performance, 21" wheels)
I got the email today and called Tesla. The rep told me they're trying to focus on cars with 85kWh + active air. Saying yes doesn't guarantee a December delivery but it will probably move you up in the queue. (I'm currently scheduled for a February delivery.)

As much as I want to say yes, I'm currently on the fence because I'm going to need snow tires. The nearest service center is either NYC (123 miles) or Washington, DC (125 miles). Unfortunately the Philadelphia service center isn't supposed to open until March. I'm going to try to work with the Delivery Specialist to see if I can get them installed before delivery, but it would depend on whether or not deliveries to my part of PA stop at service center for the pre-delivery check or not. I'd also (ideally) like to get my annual service synced up to the time I'd need to either install or remove my winter tires to save me a trip.

They did say I could get the tires delivered to me and installed on my own, but Tesla service reps still need to program the TPMS.

P5514. I got this message too. But going away last week of December unfortunately. Waited this long so another month is not that bad......NOT

White, air suspension, 85 kw, tan interior

P5267. Requested 2012. Black performance, grey rims, carbon fiber.

I think there are some tax considerations too. 2013 cars may not be eligible for tax rebates for certain incomes (ie > 250K, etc). Others may have already done their year tax planning (ie zero tax owed and no carry over).

Also, if taxes going up for everyone (likely they will), $7500 tax credit can be slightly more efficient in 2013 vs. 2012 (depending on your circumstances).

P2698 - said 2013 because I'm going to be away for most of December. :-(


I live in South Jersey and I had my car delivered with 19" rims with the winter tires. I ordered this set of rims and tires from my delivery specialist. In my case, the car went first to the Queens, NY service center and was prepped. The service representative told me that when I wanted to change to the 21" tires, they would come to me and make the change. I have my 21" rims and tires stored in my garage waiting for warmer weather and looking forward to driving "down the shore" in my Model S. Even if your car does not stop at a service center before being delivered, I would think they could come to you and switch the tires. Good luck with your car when you get it. It' s fantastic.


I said yes. Federal Tax Credit, CA 2500 rebate, and a host of other issues made it very attractive.

#8632 and got the email! Said 2013

Air suspension and 85kw