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Iphone app update issue?

After updating the Tesla IPhone App the App incorrectly states the ideal range different from the car. Example car shows 268 ideal range, app shows 238. App was in sync with car before update. Anyone else experiencing this? Prior to recent update it was in sync with the car.

My Tesla Iphone App now will only show the rated range
regardless of what range the car is set to.
I think that the problem may be the App update may not be
compatable with firmware 4.2. I don't have 4.3 yet.
What firmware do you have?

I have 4.2. Picked up the car March 16..does you app say rated range or ideal?

App says Ideal Range or Rated range but the miles is always
the Rated range. I tryed changing the display in the car
back and forth. It always displays correctly. Rated 187 mi
and Ideal 215. The app didn't change the label until I restarted
the App. I am hopeing that 4.3 will fix it. I have had the
car for 6 weeks and the App was working correctly until I
updated the App.

I don't have that problem of mileage discrepancy, but the updated iPhone app is much slower for me than before.

It also states that one of the bug fixes was for it to now correctly display your car's features as far as rims/wheels and spoiler. Mine still is not accurate. Anyone else have that?

Yes, still incorrectly displaying tire type for me. Don't notice an appreciably slower response to the app yet.

This is what you get whether you're heating or cooling now, instead of the red for heating and blue for cooling we got with ver. 1.0. Now you have no clue what the car is doing. IT WASN'T BROKE, WHY DID YA FIX IT? (I know you can monitor the internal temperature, but why did TM do this?)


If you agree that the ver. 1.0 way of depicting heating and cooling with two different graphics (red and blue arrows respectively), please email


@Amagansett - would you please make this post private? Thank you.

Got Amped - email Ownership - really? I too liked blue or red (vs. purple), but suggest that for this app, writing a review on the Application is a preferred path to inform the developers of our likes/dislikes for the app vs. emailing Ownership.

@jjaeger - well I called TM and asked what the best way to voice my opinion was, and the guy said "Email Ownership." Just doin' what I'm told!

Ok, fair enough. I stick with go straight to the developers via Reviews - and hope I don't get stuck in the Ownership queue someday with a handful of App likes/dislikes, and I have a 'real' issue :-)

I agree that it's a piddly complaint - I just don't see why they changed it.

Because they have too much free time on their hands, and had nothing better to do? >B-0