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3G pricing inadvertently revealed in source of services page

If you view the HTML source of the new available service options page, you'll see this!

  • Connectivity + Unlimited 3G
    This month
    Recurs at $30 each month
    Payments begin 4/7/2013


    Which implies (and says!) $30/mo. starting April 7 for unlimited 3G. Mystery solved?!

  • And incidentally, it is just high enough to annoy me and just low enough for me to buy it. Sigh.

    Ugh. I'm not happy about that. Hope the tethering option still exists. ATT already has enough of my money.

    Too much.

    Does it come with a free cell phone?

    Remember that includes all the slacker radio streaming that people do. It may also include the slacker service too. Presumably they won't start offering this until wifi works. And finally that may just be an HTML programmer mocking up stuff without knowing anything about plan pricing.

    For some reason we cannot upgrade the Slacker service to "Prime". I don't know if this is an issue on Tesla's end or Slacker.
    We cannot access Pandora either.
    $30 still seems quite high. I expected a fraction of that.

    At the same time, it may just be an error on the website and they are not yet ready to release the final pricing and features.

    I was under the impression that they would offer this service as an annual fee, perhaps at a discount. It also occurs to me that if they offer it prior to WiFi options becoming available, then Model S owners who decline to purchase connectivity will have no means of obtaining service updates or remote diagnostics. I can't imagine them offering plans prior to the WiFi option becoming available.

    Why wouldn't they treat it as a tablet? From the connectivity standpoint I can't imagine the car would use more data than my ipad...

    I sure hope I can swap out the SIM and add a data-online line for $10/mo to my TMobile account (which has much better coverage near me anyway).

    Free for Sig’s would help pay back the “Sig Tax”!!!!

    I wouldn't even want Tesla to have to pay that rate for my Sig on my behalf. It's a rip.

    Seems somewhat in line with what phone companies are charging. Tesla has already stated they are going to pass the cost on without markup.

    Keep in mind those Google map updates are a lot of data - all graphics being sent all the time. Add any kind of music and it's a fair amount of data. Tesla must have a fairly good feeling for the level of use currently.

    The browser data will be minimal, mostly when stopped, and I doubt many users are going to sit in the car using the browser that much if it can be avoided.

    I wish they did have two pricing levels - one with streaming music and one without, since I expect streaming music uses double the data or more.

    Lastly, I think software updates may be included with a service plan (it sort of implied it), over 3G, even if you don't subscribe to the monthly plan. We'll have to see on that part.

    I can Not find any mention of 3G in the HTML source on

    Where is it???

    @Frank2 - I use Google Maps on my T-Mobile phone all the time, and even downloading the map tiles for the satellite view (the rest is rendered on the client by vectors) is negligible bandwidth. Really, the only way you can use lots of bandwidth is streaming video (which you can't do in the Model S) or continuously streaming audio (which could potentially be a problem if you drive all the time). I stream Google Music to my phone far more often than I listen to streaming audio in the car, and I never even hit half of the limit T-Mobile gives for $10/mo data-only.

    I will not download updates for the car on my wireless dime. They will definitely have to get the WiFi working before casting us off onto a data plan. I will also NEVER use ATT. It's been almost 6 months and ATT has finally resolved a complaint I had filed with the Attorney General.... the only way to get ATT to actually do anything.

    I tether two tablets and my wife's phone to my cellphone and have had no problems with my 5gig Tmobile 4G data plan. The S does not use more data than that... at least not for me. Even if I did run out of 4G, Tmobile doesn't charge more they just drop the data down to 3G for free.


    Yup, if 3G is a requirement for proper functioning and service for the car, that part needs to be free or have a free alternative. If they want to charge for personal use, that's fine and it's our choice to decline or pony up for it.

    Software updates have nothing to do with plans. They're free to all, part of the ownership purchase.

    Nicely done. I dont see it now, they can react quickly cant they. Also you have to allow that $30 might have just been a placeholder for a test page, maybe.

    Thanks again, nice job.

    @dayoreo and bfranks, it was in the source of this page: but has been removed (I guess Tesla does indeed read the forums!).

    Add me to those who think $30 is far too high. The cost of the car is one thing, but potential owners of Model X and Gen 3 are watching and quickly reaching the conclusion that the purchase price will be kept low by adding in things like $30.00 connectivity or $600.00 required maintenance, to mention a couple. I'M starting to feel that way! I know we all want TMC to survive, but I don't think over-charging (pun intended) the early adopters is the way to do it.

    $30 for 3g is too high. Maybe for 4g. When do we get wifi? The 3g is way too slow!

    If it's unlimited for a dollar a day, I can live with that. Until or unless we get video streaming on the browser or some other high data rate function, I can live with the 3G too. Get some perspective folks. Anyone price a cup of coffee at Starbucks lately?

    $30 is definitely way to much. The 3G service is slow, Slacker skips and freezes, and feels like Tesla is nickel and diming loyal early adopter customers. I truly hope they allow tethering.

    I'm making the assumption that this is a fall back if you aren't tethering or using wifi when it works? I'm sure Tesla isn't making anything on this and it's just the same AT&T deal that Apple has with the old iPad. I certainly don't want to pay that or use 3 g but if we can eventually go to tethered 4 g it's ok w me. Also assumes no contract.

    Let's just wait until the "official word" is out. This is all just speculation right now. I don't think Tesla is trying to get rich with this 3G offering:-)

    Agree, this was either a trial balloon or if true, an exceptionally unenlightened decision. Willing to wait for official word.


    Yes, I have priced a cup of coffee at Starbucks and that is why I haven't bought one there in over 10 years and got a Jura espresso/cappuccino machine instead.

    $30 a month is $3600 over 10 years!

    So, basically, the furor here is over something that was found hidden in software code?

    Wow!! When I think of the things I put in code just to remind me of something to do, hold a space, or as a test. Can't imagine if they were all taken as Gospel.

    I guess, I am in the minority as I think it's reasonable. I pay that for my iPad and will steam way more with radio in the car, Love the mobile app access, (granted that's not much data, but love the convenience)... If it's that price, I'm in.. Not to mention, I'm even happier that we are currently getting it for free right now!

    Everyone gets the first snort for free.