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Who's paying for this 3G?

My tesla rep says.. just kidding.

I've heard two things - it's free
it's free for 3 months

Anyone know the real answer as I was told I didn't have to pay as this was how Tesla delivered the updates and we didn't have to pay for this.

I don't believe there has been anything definitive, but I think the consensus is that signature owners get a year free, and others get 3 months free. I haven't been able to get anything further from Tesla, but I hope once it isn't free I can put my own SIM in it.

I have been told now by 2 different tesla reps. Free for now, until Tesla works out a pricing plan with a carrier and deploys a software update to allows you to tether the service through your cell phone. I have been told this may take a few months. So enjoy the free service as long as it lasts.

Yes; one aspect to consider perhaps is that the total customer base so far is a fraction of what it will be within a year. So the cost of carrying the current base till the details are settled is being borne by accelerating cash flow. As long as it's not dragged out for more than 6 months (?) or so ...


If GM's OnStar gives any hints, GM can still communicate with your GM veh. "if equipped" even if you the owner do not subscribe to and or pay for the service. This gives them the ability to push updates and instructions "such as unlock doors etc. or pull in information about the car remotely like it's current location, current fault codes and such.

That said I can imagine what Tesla has done would at least be as capable and probably much more so. And if like OnStar the details of the deal struck between Manufacturer and carrier/s is not widely known usually because most folks don't care if not paying for the connectivity and if you are paying then the "phone" service is handed off to your own carrier.

The wrinkle Tesla has thrown in being among the first if not "the" first mass market car to have available always hot internet over 1X / 3G etc. is uncharted water. These are indeed fun times!! Gotta love life on the edge!

I was told the same as plinz. Free while details being worked out for plan options. Expected e/o 1Q.

Heard today from a DS that the announcement will be in about 2 months. Owners will have to start paying for the 3g

I think (?) that's when the 3 mo free period would start. To make it fair for those just taking delivery.