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Car Shows

I post this with the expectation that Tesla staff read this.

I live in North Carolina. I understand there is a plan to open a service center in Raleigh in March 2013. The 2013 Raleigh Car Show at the state fairgrounds takes place in February. I do not see Tesla listed as a car brand represented there. Why?

It seems to be an ideal time to have an X, S, and roadster seen and sat in by the public.

Tesla S sighting...

A grey Model S in Philadelphia, near Red Lion and The Blvd.

Tesla doesn't need to advertise yet. Their focus is where it needs to be: building cars and delivering them.

Yeah, honestly I get the impression they're skeered of the wave that would wash over them if they did dare to advertise! At least they need to be "ready" to handle it (production ramp, high volume QC, delivery capacity and tracking, etc., etc.).