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We did this with the Roadster. What vanity plates are people ordering for the Model S? My Roadster is IL – FUELESS as a play on all the people that told me I was foolish for buying the car. Haven't picked one for the S yet. Share yours here.

This link may help Stefano:

Mine is boring, just my initials... BYT ;o)

I am in PA and my plate is TESLA. I was lucky to get it and currently have it registered to my 2000 Chevy Cavalier. That combination requires a little bit of 'xplainin' but once I take delivery of my Tesla, people will understand.

My fave is I ZAP U. Or IZOTU. Or 123ZOT.

Or BZZZT. Etc.

@TonyF I'm also in PA and my plate is TESLA S. I got it about a year ago and it is currently on my Sienna minivan. I go thru the same 'xplainin'. ;-)

Apparently this plate was already taken in several states, but not my State when I applied for it last year.

Since I live on the east coast, I thought it would be cool to have a license plate frame that said:
"Imported From"

So I had it made custom from a site I found on the internet.

The Model S will be the first American made car that I have purchased since I bought a used 1974 Mustang II. That was 31 years ago.


Not tea bags! 'CURRENTLY' would also work. Or "CURRENT S".

Or, for that matter, "FUTURE S".


'FLOWPOKE' ?? ;)

ELCTRYK in California

I'm still thinking no ch4

Might be too nerdy, but I like it.

No methane? Does not compute ---

My car is powered by solar and hopes to has ordered the plate


I am in CA and my plate is - +ESLA S.

My local DMV office is holding my plate until my "S" arrives. Can't wait!

My Roadster sports "SAVEMOM" plates in Maryland (the maternal reference to Mother Earth), and plates for Sedan will be "NOPEC", fyi, krj

How about Watt's Up? I saw that on an electric boat in Newport Harbor.

Driving my Kia Sorento around Maryland with KCK GAS requires some explaining too.

My NY plate is 0-GAS

Just ordered CLEANPWR for Ontario,Canada

Jgdixon@: is that a green plate? I'm wondering if we (in Ontario, Canada) are able to get green vanity plates so we are still able to use high-occupancy lanes.

Like MandL above, at the Miami test drive there was a volt in the lot with the plate "Kick Gas"

@Petero, how do you get the DMV to hold the specialized plates for you until your "S" arrives? I'm curious to know as I would like to be able to do the same.

No my plate is not a green plate.
Currently you can't order personalized green plates.:(

I actually ordered two other California plates (which I will relinquish to the DMV when they come in) before I settled on a third which will go on my Signature Performance; "NOPEC EV" (No OPEC, Electric Vehicle). The two I will be giving up are "BEE KNOW" (Beno = No Gas) and "AOG EV" (I am in the aircraft machined parts business and AOG indicates Aircraft On Ground, a high priority. This plate idea occurred to me after my test drive in a Model S Performance as I certainly thought it compared to an aircraft flying on the ground!).

For all you Physics geeks "NperAM"

Nice, David. I'm going to get 10KGAUS (can't fit the extra 'S' on Gauss).

h8young: it's a block you can check on the personalized plate form. Note: I can't find that option on the DMV online form.