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Seat comfort

I am having trouble finding a comfortable seat position. I need lower lumbar support and can't seem to adjust the lumbar setting to get low enough. Anyone else experienced this?

Odd, I find the MS to have the most adjustable lumbar of any luxury car I have ever owned, and I have both a bad lower back, and a coxes injury. I am 6'1", and it fits me like a soft roomy glove. Much more comfortable than my last car, an Infiniti FX50s.

Make sure your seat isn't angled up or down. It can shift your weight and create an undesired pelvic tilt.

No problems with the lumbar support. Maybe just my imagination, but when I run the seat warmer to 3, seems like I feel heat in the lumbar support too, and it really feels good!

Is it for sure the lumbar area is heated? I have been trying to find out and have seen conflicting information. Thanks