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P85 Badge on Performance Models

Just found out from another thread that Tesla will not have the P85 badge on it - thanks @nickjhowe for that info. That's too bad. IMHO, there should be something to distinguish the performance model. All luxury cars have it - BMW has M, Audi has S and RS, Merc has AMG, Lexus has F, etc. Even Tesla distinguishes the Sig and founders cars - diiferent reason, I know, but they do it.

Just wondering what others opinions are on this. I recall seeing the badge somewhere in a pic and it looked "cool". I am a reservation holder (getting the Perf version) and would really like to see it. If enough people would like to have it as well, I am hoping it catches the attention of someone at Tesla. PLEASE, ADD THE BADGE!

I'm getting a performance version and I too would like the badge.

RES #6718

I'm ambivalent. 'Course I'm driving a Saturn right now. P85 or regular speed, both are faster! Even the regular mode beats the Fisker...

P85 Badge would be nice

I agree. Having paid $10-20K more, the car should have some visible but subtle distinction.

P4051 --- P85

A true collector will know what makes it a Peformance, however, it will make it fun when someone in say an Audi S8 pulls up next to you, and has NO idea what they're tangling with ;-) need to distinguish. Its a branding thing. ridiculous speed for a eletric car. Why not take advantage of that marking opportunity,

Do you want some identification that it's a Performance model or a P85 model? The performance models already have the spoiler, front air dam, and seats with alacantra & piping with a secondary color. They will also tend to be the only ones with the grey 21" wheels.

A sign maker should be able to make you a P85 badge. Get the pics from Jurvetson's car and have one made. I'm thinking of that very approach myself. :)

I like stealth mode - I don't need anyone to know that I am driving the P-model (when I finally get it:-)

A geriatric VW Beetle beats a Fisker.

When I saw a pic of the P85 badge, I thought it was nice. Along the lines of the M, S and AMG badges of BMW, Audi and Benz. However....I also feel you too @Carefree. Why advertise?

Perhaps could provide it in the future if there will be enough people willing to buy it. It shouldn't cost much.

It was dropped because tesla didn't like the font. I think the spoiler is already an indicator and that with dark rims make it pretty obvious. I realize you don't need performance for the rims, but that combination stands out, no wouldn't mind a better logo than the old one though.

Anyone who really follows cars will know it is a performance model due to the spoiler and the grey 21 inch wheels. I would prefer to not have the badge. Why advertise further?


Agreed. Less badging is preferable. For the non-sigs it would be nice to have "performance" written in the place where "signature" or "founder" is written now. That's non-obtrusive.

actually not all performance will have spoilers and 21" grey wheels, you can opt out the spoiler and you can choose other wheels. although I have both!

I opted out of both the spoiler and the 21" wheels, but then again, I'm also indifferent to whether it has a performance badge. The performance is for me, not for those I skunk.

Ahh, you just want to sneak "under the radar". Did you get F117 training?


No, I just don't want all my lefty friends thinking I'm into conspicuous consumption. BTW, any recommendations for where to mount my gun rack on my S? ;)

P85 badge would be a nice touch.

I have a P85 Signature coming too. No cf spoiler and it has chrome 21's.

I'm thinking about swapping for 19's for pothole and curb purposes though if they come out with the turbine style 19's.

I think that there still is a P85 mark still on the car but it is subtle and on the side lights. Can anyone confirm?

They made the Signature mark more subtle too. It is embossed in the chrome instead of a chrome badge like they used to have. I kinda liked the Chrome badge though. More bright shiny stuff! :-)

I'm with "stealth" drivers on this.
I enjoy the fact they can't tell what they are dealing with, and then look at their faces on the great 17" monitor shot by the rear HD camera ;)
Can't see them for long, but it's satisfying ;)

If you can afford a P85 why bother with some Rednecks in an S8?

No; maybe with one back seat folded down? Or just under the parcel shelf? Whatever you decide, post pix!

+1 for stealth.
I've spent more than a few hours removing ID from my vehicles . . . dealer badges to 4x4 stickers, to "swoosh" insignias, off of everything from a SAAB to a GMC.

I think Tesla went with the more subtle marks for the P85 and Signatures in an effort to create a happy compromise between the Steath faction and Showy faction.

I don't know how they could have come up with a better solution.

It took me a day to find the Signature logo in the chrome band at the rear of the vehicle. I am pleased that it is subtle and hidden from plain view.

The P85 logo is shown with the vehicle information when the "T" button is pressed at the top of the center console. I had to laugh when I thought it meant "power 85" and the Delivery Specialist had to remind me that I bought a Performance model.

Having the actual car color and options pictured on the graphic of the vehicle on the screens is a nice touch.

I saw Jurvetson's car at the annual meeting. To me it didn't match the rest of the car. I really didn't like it. I was thrilled when I learned that it wasn't going to be on production cars. Now that we've had our car for 2 1/2 months, I'm still glad it isn't on the car.

Yea glad they took the old one off. Still wouldn't mind a subtle one though. i think the audio rs is nice. You don't notice it unless you are looking,

If there is sufficient demand for it, I could produce a set of performance badges for the Model S. I already produce a badge for supporting plug-in vehicles, Chrome coated OEM quality badges with 3D shaping and 3M adhesive that are easy to put on.

Design, tooling, adhesive, packaging, etc. cost roughly $4-$5k, so I would need to know that at least a couple hundred people were interested in it.

I totally understand the people that prefer stealth, and will provide good instructions on taking off dealer badges, etc. off your non-Tesla cars.