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Roadster J-1772 and 4 prong Nema 14-50 50 Amp Cable charger for sale together or separate

I no longer have my roadster but have both a J-1772 adapter and the standard cable charger with the 4 prong 50 amp plug that I'd love to sell to anyone interested. The J-1772 is brand new and used only once. The other charger is 3 years old and was used in my garage for charging and in great shape. I'll sell them together or separate. Name your price.

Hi James,

I'm interested in buying your J-1772 adapter. Please send me an email at if you want to sell it.


Interested in your mobile charger with 14-50. Still available? Email me at

Totally cool. Tesla is awesome

Is your J-1772 adapter still available?

lee, you can change your screen name from your email by going to Profile and entering a new one.

Hi Brian,

I'm interested in the J1772 adapter. Is it still on the market?