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Mt. Evans Road Rally Set for June 8, 2013

We are set for the Model S - Mt. Evans Road Rally on June 8, 2013. 10:00 a.m. roll out.

Mt. Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America begging to be assaulted by Tesla’s Model S owners. With the introduction of this awesome vehicle, I am organizing a Road Rally on Saturday June 8, 2013 from Idaho Springs, CO (35 miles west of Denver) to the summit of Mt. Evans and back.

We need to meet up around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 8th, at the Clear Creek County Middle School parking lot toward the west end of Idaho Springs. This location is South of I-70 at Exit 240. Take the exit; turn South on Highway 103 toward Mt. Evans, and the Middle School driveway is a few hundred feet ahead on the right-hand side immediately past the Ranger Station and Visitor’s Center.

Please RSVP to Dennis Driscoll: (I need an approximate number of participants so I can inform the Park Rangers as to the number of cars coming)

Here is a flyer about the event:

Please distribute to all your Tesla Model S owners and enthusiasts. See you then.

Could tesla should sponsor the event or get some press out of it? Also, those participating could pay a small fee and we could donate the proceeds to charity.


I should add that after the rally, everyone is invited to meet up at Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs.'s+pizza+idaho+springs&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari

Maybe we locals should check around with some of the local hotels (Lakewood, Golden etc.) for NEMA 14-50 outlets for the out of state guests? I'll ask at a few of the hotels near my Lakewood office this week.

Good idea KevinR. The Recargo App helps, too.

I can't seem to get any NEMA14-50 outlets using recargo or charge point (even with filtering) they seem focused on J1772 outlets

FYI - if anyone is planning to join us June 8 and needs to know where there might be a place to grab some electrons, there is an RV park just a mile from the start area for the event. Plus, if anyone learns of additional charging options, please post the information and/or email me ( and I will compile a list of options for distribution before or at the event.

Idaho Spings RV Park:

Hopeing to get my 60 mid May, if so, count me in for the Rally. Tesla said my MS is scheduled to complete factory process April 22nd, so keeping my fingers crossed for an early May delivery.

^ That would be great, and just email me when you have your Model S so I can add you to the list.

FYI - I have about 23 RSVPs, as a couple are trying to clear their calendars. Liz G is coming with her S all the way from St. Louis, too.

I am in! We are in Evergreen and just confirmed.


How many people with the 60kwh pack are going? Is it feasible? Hoping to get my car (60kwh) by then.

Jeffaa - I don't know, as folks RSVP'ing haven't stated their power plant size. Yes, I think it is feasible for a 60 kWh pack to make the trip. The roundtrip is about 57 miles, with 7,000 feet of elevation gain. What goes up must come down, so some of that spent energy will be regained on the trip down. Frankly, I am not sure how to calculate your needed energy, but I am sure someone here can lend a hand in this calculation.

Bottom line, I would expect the 60 kWh pack to easily make it up and down. However, as a precaution, you could always keep in eye on the remaining available miles, and if needed, turn around at any given point, and then practically regen most of the way back down hill. It is not steep (4-5% grade), but it is long at 28.5 miles from the top to Idaho Springs.

When I have raced my bicycle to the top, I only need to pedal for less than 2 miles on the ride back down to Idaho Springs. BTW - the world record to the top is 1:41:00 on a bicycle, but mine is 2:30:10. Now I am out of breath just thinking about it.

@jeffaa - Try the EV planner. I don't know how accurate it is but Cliff is still tweaking it. I might get my 60 kWH by end of May, so I am also wondering if I can make it especially since I will be driving from Fort Collins. I will definitely have to charge before heading back home from Idaho Springs.

Thanks guys. I'm super excited.

I read somewhere that you lose 12 miles of range for every 1,000 feet as a reasonable estimate.


That sounds about right from my real world expereince with 4 people on a roadtrip last week.

I drove to Fort Collins and on my return trip I lost an additional 35 mikes going up I-70 from Golden to Evergreen (more than the miles travelled) - about a 3,000 feet climb. So, the mountain life requires planning on the back end of a trip due to the hill climb loss expectations. I am just planning to hit Golden in the future with no less than 60 miles remaining... or charge up in Denver so it will be that way. Plenty of charge stations there!


Keep in mind there is Cottonwood RV Camp Ground close (<5 miles) up Hwy 103 from the start/finish area. They have a number of 240 outlets for topping off before heading home.

Here's a plan - after returning, stop at Cottonwood to "fill up", and while plugged in catch a pre-arranged ride with one of the others going to Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs. By the time we're through with lunch, your car will have at least an hour charge on it. It is less than 10 minutes from the RV park to Beau Jo's so if necessary we could even run a shuttle back and forth. Lot's of options here.

Idaho Spings RV Park:

Crow wrote: "I read somewhere that you lose 12 miles of range for every 1,000 feet as a reasonable estimate."

The math I've seen bandied about on TMC indicate it costs you more like 6-7 miles of Rated range for every 1000' of altitude gain, over and above the distance traveled. Regen braking could get you back some of that on the way down, but in my experience on long-but-not-steep Colorado downhills (Estes Park to Lyons, for instance) a Model S won't see much of a gain in terms of the Rated range: maybe a mile or so gain over a 20 mile descent. OTOH, you aren't using up your Rated range either, and you're 20 miles further down the road toward your goal.

I'm so bummed I'm going to miss this: it's a retreat weekend for my chorus ( and I can't ditch.

I should have taken a picture of the energy graph today after going up Flagstaff Mountain. I bet I lost more than 6 miles per thousand feet. I exceeded 900 watts per mile by a big margin. I don't know exactly how much I exceeded it because the screen wasn't large enough to capture the top of the energy spike. My usage was literally off the chart.

Here is my real-world test-drive data driving the first 10 miles from Idaho Springs to the 10-mile marker:

Start: elevation 7807 ft., my mileage range at 236.
At 10-mile marker: elevation 9807 ft., my mileage range at 210.
Returned to start: elevation 7807, my mileage range at 210.
The average grade is 6%.

So this drive was 10 miles up hill without any break in grade, and 10 miles straight back down.

I pretty much drove the speed limit 35-40 mph. Note that after the first 7 miles the road begins a series of switchbacks, with can be driven at 15-20 mph.

So in summary, on the ascent I used 2.6 miles of range per mile, and on the descent I did not use or lose any range. Not bad.

Who's up for testing this route in a 60? ;-) I should have my car the second week of May.

I plan to bring a 60 to the big event as well, as long as I can top off somewhere between DIA and Idaho Springs the night before. Have to plot a route back toward Durango once the big event is over, possibly by way of Independence Pass and Aspen. Anyone know of promising charging options in the Ouray/Montrose/Delta neck of the woods? I might need to top off there on my north to Crested Butte the previous week too. Are most people just going for the 50 amp service at RV parks?

Look forward to seeing you guys in Idaho Springs!

@SteveZ - sorry to hear, but certainly understand. See you down the road.

Darn, I really wish I could be at this event. Please add me to your list if you hold other events this summer.

^Conflicted? If you're still waiting for delivery, I bet you could come along as a hitchhiker. Will do on future events, so send me your email to

cjc9er check with me at as I live close to I-70 and Ward rd. I can hook you up so to speak.

Just another quick update. We are looking at 25-30 cars participating in the rally at this point (May 24th).

Is there an itinerary yet? Meeting spots/times? Can't wait!

Meeting time and place is presented on the linked flier. Meet at 9:30 at the Clear Creek Cty Middle School parking lot, just South of I-70 by 300-400 yards.

Weather permitting, I am thinking of doing a dry run Saturday June 1. If you want to join me, then please meet me at the same start spot above no later than 10:00 a.m.

FYI - my mobile phone is Denver area code 898-2217 (I'm being a bit sneaky to avoid computer bots mining for data).


would that be the Denver area code that starts with a 3 or the one that starts with a 7? :)